What are you watching/streaming?

I thought we could use a thread to suggest Netflix/Amazon/HBO etc. shows to each other.

I just started watching “The Boys” on Amazon Prime. I’m only two episodes in but I’m really enjoying it.
Here’s a preview.

So, what are you watching and more importantly, do you recommend it?


Just finished The Act on Hulu. It’s about a girl, Gypsy Rose, who’s mother was medically abusing her by creating false medical conditions for her, telling her she was 14 when she was really 20-something and feeding her pills mixed up with food through a feeding tube to keep her drugged up and acting like a little girl.

It’s a wild story to say the least.


Currently watching The Handmaid’s Tale.

We also are anxiously awaiting future seasons of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Bosch, both of which are excellent.

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Sounds messed up! Is it hard to watch? I typically don’t bother with shows that make me stressed out haha.

Just finished or got caught up on Billions, Dexter, Homeland and Ray Donovan (big Showtime guy I guess). Would easily recommend them all.

Better Call Saul is amazing
Ozark/Yellowstone are eh, but I’ll still keep watching prob
Way out on Euphoria, watched one or two and just found it to be really not a great show.

Agreed, absolute garbage.


Not very stressful. You know from the jump that the mom is doing some messed up shit. The story is quite interesting and shocking. Crazy how warped people can be.

Here is the story (shout out Missouri): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Dee_Dee_Blanchard

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Yeah, I had high hopes for it at first but it just sucked.

Hopefully there isn’t a season 2.

Fiance and I have been watching Dead to Me on Netflix. Surprisingly good, would recommend.


The new Queer Eye on Netflix is v good.


My wife got hooked on Dead to Me, and she got me hooked too.

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I’m Sorry is the best show on Netflix.

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LOVE this show.

Couldnt get through the first 20 minutes, on several occasions.

Last Chance U. One of those train-wrecks you just can’t look away from.


A perfect description of this show. Just constantly going “How is this player/coach going to fuck this up now?” The teachers seem to be genuinely great people though.

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Atypical on Netflix was good comic relief for me while I was catching up on Ozark, and it has good substance besides the laughs.

Currently watching Farscape on Amazon Prime.

Been on a space-based science fiction kick lately

Finishing up Stranger Things season 3. Also have been watching the two part true crime docs on HBO. First two were pretty good. Will watch the third one this week.

I love sci-fi. Is it any good?

I’m binge watching Seinfeld again, thanks to a post on here last week being derailed with Seinfeld quotes… I don’t know how it’s still so funny after seeing it so many times, but it is.