WGT -- does anyone else play?

Found WGT, an online golf game, the other week which is another great way to waste time. Wondering if anyone else plays?


My brother used to be pretty good at it. He made the WGT Ryder Cup team…


I try and get in a 9 hole match pretty much every night before bed

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I used to play it quite a bit, but that was probably about 5 years ago now. Over time they slowly got more and more ridiculous with their prices – you can spend $5 for a sleeve of virtual golf balls. I’ve been actually real life clubs that are cheaper than some of the clubs on that game. It’s just stupid.

I play it off and on. I am resistant to spending money, especially on balls. I play it on an IPad, and always assumed that getting the swing timing down would be easier on a keyboard. Does it work on a PC also?

Because I was playing so much I decided a couple of years ago I was going to spend $20 on the game, and cap it at that. I bought new clubs, and still haven’t spent another dime. I still use the crappy basic ball and almost always lose to anyway who has paid for the Pro Vs.

I stopped when my progress halted because I wouldn’t spend much money.


Yeah, I bought clubs but hesitate to spend any more. I feel guilty when I play someone with the stock driver and get a 30 yard head start. Unless they beat me.