West Coast Meetup

So there’s been lots of talk about everyone in smaller and closer ares doing a meetup and playing together and it has had success already and I think we should start planning a full west coast meetup somewhere and to get the wheels turning for everyone so that by the time the season is good and here we have all the details worked out. That way we can work on how many days and possibly getting something really big going and creating something new.

Would like to know everyone’s ideas about this and hear the input so that we can figure all of this out. Maybe even if it all works out we can have a west/east coast Ryder Cup???

I’d be in depending on pace and time. I’m in way way nor cal but not afraid to travel.

Might be in if I’m around. The big question is location. Do we go SoCal? Or SeaTac? Or split the difference and head out to Bandon?

I’m always down for Bandon… just got back from 5 days there yesterday :grinning:

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How was the weather! Looks stunning but a little cold

The US Open is at Pebble this year. Imagine there are more than a few Refugees planning to attend. Might be an opportunity to piggyback.

Weather was amazing! Not cold at all. That was right at sunset on number 8 at Bandon. I was wearing just a sweater. Was probably 55 degrees. During the day we were in short sleeves!

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