Welcome to the No Laying Up Forum


When we set out to form what eventually became No Laying Up in 2014, the main goal was to connect with a community of golf fans who like to follow and talk about the game the same way we do. We’ve loved interacting with followers on social media, but we couldn’t shake the feeling that trying to have these discussions in 140 (or 280) characters is pretty futile.

Enter the new, No Laying Up Forum. We have two goals for these message boards: 1) To create a place where golf fans can engage in (mostly) respectful, nuanced, and authentic golf conversations about all aspects of the game. 2) To connect all of you with one another. Too often Twitter can feel like a one-way conversation. It’s been great for us to get to know and even meet a number of you in person, and our hope is that we can help connect more of you to each other to do the same.

With more of us going full time, we plan to engage here on a daily basis. We know that we have the best community of golf fans in the world and hope people use this forum to share the opinions, jokes, insights and feedback that we love so much.

We only have a few guidelines:

  • Let’s steer clear of politics and religion as much as possible. We’re not solving any of those issues here.
  • Please don’t try to sell your stuff here. Post product recommendations where necessary, but any spammy sales pitches will get you #ejected.
  • Be respectful and not an asshole. Like the best clubs in the world, we don’t really have rules, but we’ll let you know if you break one.

With that, the head cover is coming off. Sign up now, and let’s hear your takes.