Welcome to The Nest!

We are excited to launch The Nest, a membership we hope will catalyze and give structure to what’s become a thriving community of avid golfers and No Laying Up fans around the world. The Nest will be headquartered right here in the Refuge.

‘Membership’ in The Nest is open and available to anybody. We have two different pricing options: $9/month and $90/year.

Before listing the benefits, we want to make it clear that anything that has been free in the past (the current podcasts, the videos, etc.) will remain free. The Nest is a way for us to make sure we can continue doing as much of that stuff as possible, while simultaneously connecting golf fans in the real world.

Monthly members will receive the following benefits:

  • Early Event Access (be the first to know & register for all NLU events 48 hours before the public)
  • Exclusive Nest Merchandise (available for purchase in the Pro Shop)
  • Access to Monthly Member Podcast (A new podcast sourced by Q&A and topics from Nest members)
  • Member Directory (find other members for a game, or just a beer, either at home or on the road)
  • Contests and Giveaways (unique contests and giveaways throughout the year like pools, games, etc.)
  • Custom titles for Refuge Profiles

Annual Nest members will receive all of the aforementioned benefits plus the following:

  • 15% off all Pro Shop Purchases
  • Annual Gift (we’ll provide members each year with a piece of custom merchandise)
  • Eligible to Qualify and Play in “The NIT” aka the Nest Invitational Tournament (think of this as part club championship, part spectacle)

For a full list of benefits, pricing options, and FAQs, check out: beta.nolayingup.com/join.

Today’s launch is a soft launch, something we’re only promoting here on the Refuge. While we hope they will be minimal, we recognize there will likely be some bugs to work out as we get this thing off the ground, (new website coming soon too!). We asked you guise for input and feedback through all of this and can’t thank you enough for your valuable opinions. Our goal with The Nest is to enhance everybody’s individual experience as a fan of golf (and hopefully our own).

One of the highlights of 2019 for us as a group was hosting a handful of events and getting to put faces to names and screen names. We want to do a lot more of that in 2020, and at the end of the day, what we’re most excited about is the possibility to foster real-life connections and community. We envision our Member Directory as an easy to use, reliable tool to find a game, no matter if you’re at home or on the road (note: We will be rolling out the user interface for the directory in December but the Nest group in The Refuge will serve as a member directory for now). Further – and shoutout to @The_Cad_Says and RACDG – we really hope The Nest will be the surrounding infrastructure for a vibrant world of golf clubs and societies. We hope our Nest Invitational Tournament turns into a club championship and culmination of many additional NLU and member-driven events around the world. We are excited to release specific details on the N.I.T. in due time as we turn the calendar to 2020.

Lastly, we saved a HUGE thank you for Matt McClure (@McSchvantz), principal Neck Beard and the man behind the curtain of The Refuge and all the NLU web properties. There would be no Nest without him!

To learn more and sign up, visit http://beta.nolayingup.com/join. We are eager for any and all feedback, so please don’t hesitate to drop that here in this thread or by emailing Nest@nolayingup.com. We’ll do our best to answer any and all questions you have ASAP and we’ll add any FAQ’s to the bottom of this post along with answers, so they are easy to find.

Cheers, and Craic On!


Q: Those in the UK wanting into The Nest…no issues on your end about postage to the UK for the member gift?
A: we will ship overseas for member gift. If you invest in us, we’ll invest in you! (That’s #TheTCWAY)

Q: GHIN # or current hcp in user profile?
A: Enter GHIN #…we will be grabbing USGA handicaps from their app/site. No sandbagging in The Nest!

Q: Will people see your GHIN numbers be public?
A: No, we will not expose the GHIN numbers, just the handicap once we fetch it from USGA database.

Q: When is first member podcast?
A: we will be releasing it Wednesday, 11/19

Q: How are the paywall podcasts being delivered? Will they be downloadable to phones for mobile consumption?
A: Unique link for podcast is in your member profile (beta.nolayingup.com/profile), and you can copy that link into the library of the podcast platform of your choice and subscribe so it automatically pulls future episodes. #Disruptive


My money’s on @Deven75 for the NIT Cup. Unless @desertduffer can have a net game.

Does @Lazstradamus get to call it? Does @nandersen get a media ticket?

All good stuff. And the RACDG is proud to be involved. :slight_smile:


In all seriousness, thank you @MerchCzar for doing something that will bring folks in this weird little universe a little bit closer.

I’ve had the honor of being a charter RACDG Southwest Chapter member for over a year. These days I find myself getting together with some of the guise to just have a coffee and talk about life. The Nest multiplies these opportunities in a big way.

I think back to about 6 months ago when I got a DM from @holeout that read roughly, “I’m in LA. Let’s grab a beer if you’re free” and thank God we did. He’s a great person and I’m happy to lean on him for all kinds of advice these days. If that’s what The Nest enables, I am all IN.



*Must be 21 years old


Damn it!

I don’t want to play any more.


The…unlisted post?!

I’m be in. As soon as the GBP rises in value against the USD.

See you in 45 years!

Does beg the question - what shall be the qualifiers for the NIT?

Answers on a postcard / posted in this thread for perusal / annihilation.

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The GB&I Shut presented by HRH The Duke of Sussex
The MacKenzie Cup

No others should count.


Must be present to win?


@desertduffer v @nandersen (net game)?

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Guise, I’m in.


no net games

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You can’t be in the Nest unless you sign up for Secret Santa


@MerchCzar getting any kick back for those using Google Pay?


And if I join Secret Santa, and you draw me, and mailing it to the UK costs x5 times more than the gift?

Not if he/she buys from a UK seller on eBay and drop ships to you.