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Greatest car I’ve ever owned. I love cars. I’m a car guy. I love trucks. I own a 1946 Chevy stakebed truck. My 15 year old learned to drive a stick in that truck. My 11 year old believes (correctly) that the 911 is the coolest car he’s ever ridden in. It’s an old 911. I’ve owned it twice. I paid 35k for it the first time around, about 10 years ago. I fixed every GD thing that was wrong when I bought it, and nothing ever went wrong in the years I owned it. Decided I wanted a classic, so I bought a 67 Camaro RS/SS convertible. Spent money on that…fun to look at, less fun to drive. The guy who bought my 911 bought it because he was dying, and wanted to have his dream car. When he died (or rather, right before) - he asked his wife to track me down. Said I would know how to help her sell it. I think he said “sell it to him for a song” but I don’t know. I researched for her, had my friend the mechanic look it over, looked on craigslist, etc, and told here what it was worth. She asked me what I would pay her…I told her, and she took it.

He babied it. It’s the greatest car to drive. I can’t wait to take it out of storage in April. I’ll happily be called a douche or cheesebag, or whatever.


This thread is off the rails as fuck and I love it. Also, the refuge is truly a watering hole for golf nuts from every corner of the animal kingdom. @GRWhitehead discussing his intimate knowledge of supercars, meanwhile I’m trying to figure out if it’s financially irresponsible to eat takeout two nights in a row, or if I should just have soup and rolled up deli meat for dinner again.


throw a slice of cheese in there or nah?


quick question: which lives matter?



Always! honey turkey and provolone = :man_cook:




I’m an everroast chicken and smoked gouda guy myself :tipping_hand_man:



Boom! Love it when I’m right. Though in this case it was a safe bet.

As for the cars, they are technically superb (at least from the 996 on). It’s the people that drive them. I’ll leave you alone as your story is actually quite sweet, but now you know what everyone else thinks about you as you drive around in it. I’d suggest wearing a wig and a pair of fake tits.

In case you hadn’t realised, I’m also a car nut. In my family home in Idaho we have 29 at the last count in 9 garages. None of them are a Porsche.


I used to obsessively clean my clubs before tournaments and “big” rounds. I would get them looking brand new, but generally played like shit. Once I ran out of time, played with regular slightly grubby clubs and shot the lights out (for me), so that was the end of that plan.

I’m the guy who uses the little rubber tee holders on the front of my bag. I have one driver tee and one smaller one there at all times, they both have their special slots, and like others here, I use broken ones for iron shots and new ones for woods.

I eat a banana on the 5th hole and a muesli bar on the 13th. Only ever drink water on the course, beer is for later and I’m shit enough without having my senses dulled. My push cart goes directly behind me when I’m hitting and, also like @The_Cad_Says, if I hit a new ball out of the sleeve on the first, I’ll never see that ball again.
On another note, my regular group has instigated a rule on the first, which at my club is a 325 metre par 4 with a decent-sized pond directly in front of the tee. If you’ve bought a new club that week, you have to use it off the first. Sucks if you’ve been shopping for 60 degree wedges or putters.


at some point, you’re either a Clarkson guy or a Hammond guy (or, god forbid a Mays guy)

What can I say, I’m a Hammond guy.

Truth be told, the only people who think Porsche drivers are “douchebags” think the same of anyone in a Ferrari, Lambo, Corvette, Miata, any car they think is a waste of money or they can’t or don’t want to afford.

For some reason, EVERYONE loves old cars.

As far as a wig and fake tits, FUCK EM. If they don’t like me because I’m having fun in my favorite car, I don’t want to waste my time getting to know them.


Not true…

Ferrari - Great cars up til the 308. Moderately okay til the 355 / 456. Total shit playboy wagons ever since. The engines sound great but they’re built by men in sunglasses with too much aftershave.

Lambo - Just all round awesome, because they learnt long ago to lean in to the lunacy. There isn’t one I wouldn’t have, including the Espada. Who cares if it does 4 miles to the gallon.

Corvette - Other than a low point in the 90’s, they manage to transcend douchery for some intangible reason. Not quite ubiquitous enough to be boring. Not quite sanitised enough to be shit. Looking forward to the mid engine next year.

Miata - Not quite sure why this is here but the Miata (MX5 in the rest of the world) is perhaps the best pure sports car of the last 30 years. Simple, fun, engine out front, drive out the back. What’s not to love.


douche douche douche douche…

But you must own some of them.


Perhaps more suited for Contrarian Takes but 911s are not supercars they are sports cars, unless you’re driving a GT3, 918, or the like. Respect for old 911s, because they are just the absolute shit, but seeing a guy pull out in a brand new one screams douche.


the “affordable” supercar is ibid Top Gear. The thing consistently beats or matches far far more expensive cars. I don’t want a real supercar. I don’t have enough money for that


Nah, we’re mainly a Lotus family. A few Jags. Healeys. Got a collection of DeLoreans. Love a bit of Japanese exotica too. I sold my S2000 to a guy recently who shipped it to the Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean and he sends me pics of it on top of volcanoes with the Milky Way behind it.

I also name all my cars! The Honda was / is Felix. My current daily whip is a Merc CLS called Gunther Von Longwaggen.


All very cool. Pics? I need a barn so I can get some more.


Here you go. Some of our fun cars. I also spotted a cool shot of me at Banff to keep our fellow Refugeeers happy. And check out the golf carts at Goodwood in the south of England!


damn…the Cad is a good looking dude, with great cars.



Multiple deloreans? do tell


ok, the bugeye sprite in Union Jack colors is fucking STUPID