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Not sure if this has been covered in-depth in the past, but I was inspired by some of the comments in “Things That Shouldn’t Be Things But Are Things” to ask:

What are some of your weirdest superstitions on the course or ones you have heard that pros/caddies on the tours have? I’m talking Nuke LaLoosh wearing garter belts kinda stuff. Won’t step on the fringe kinda thing. Not “I mark my ball with a blue dot” kinda thing.

Let it rip.


Ok, let’s see, here are mine:

  • if someone hits a good shot and leaves their tee on the tee box, you can’t use it to hit yours. A bad shot will inevitably result.

  • don’t walk between tee markers that you aren’t hitting from. For example, if you are hitting from the blues, you don’t walk between the whites and reds on your way to your tees or to your shot.

  • I will play a ball until it is lost. Doesn’t matter how beat up it gets. The minute I put a new ball in play when I still have my old one all but guarantees I will lose the new one.

Overall, probably not too weird. Certainly not a NHL goalie level of superstition. Super curious to see what everyone else chimes in with.


Here’s a few…
If I hit a cyclist on the way to the course, you know, the ones that are dressed like it’s the Tour de France, I just keep driving to the course. Never shot higher than 78 on those days. Nuts, I know…

If I do take the beer cart girl home, I won’t take her home home. I will always go to the closest motel/hotel but it has to be on the left side of the highway. I’m weird like that…

Finally, anytime I lose more than $400 in one round I go directly to the bag drop and grab my bag and one extra bag just to see what I can claw back on craigslist.


I can’t clean a ball in a ball washer. I’m totally convinced that the minute a ball feels the touch of water it wants more and goes looking for it on the next shot.

I’ve mentioned this in the other thread but I cannot use a tee from my bag or pocket on a par 3. I have to use one I find on the tee. If I can’t find one and somebody then gives me one I am utterly convinced I’ll top the ball. My friends know this and have started to ‘find’ tees they’ve just dropped. They think I don’t know, but I do.


I’m staying the hell out of this thread. Some of these are already wild and I’m not about to let you lunatics make this game even more difficult with your quirks in my head.


I always carry 3 ball markers.

A 1983 quarter (birth year)
A state of Connecticut quarter
An Irish 50 cent coin.




I play with a penny under the insole of my left shoe. Started years ago when one somehow ended up there when I was airing out my shoes the night before a round. Played well, and now that penny goes into any new pair of shoes that I buy.


The Tour-related superstition that comes to mind is that Ernie Els switches to a new ball after making a birdie, because he believes that each ball only has one birdie in it.


Also guilty of the tee on a par 3 thing. Usually it’s not a problem because there always seems to be plenty of broken ones around, but for those rare times when I can’t find one, I’d rather kick up a turf-tee than use a tee from my bag/pocket.


I will never put a brand new ball in play on the course. I will only use a brand new ball on the 1st tee (and not every round, I am Scottish after all).

If that gets carved into a field, then it’s into the bottom pocket for one that’s been hit before, or found.


Fuck. A kindred spirit! I thought I was the only one. Warm fuzzy feeling now.:smiley:

I guess like me you dread those Saturday morning comps when you’re out early and when you turn up some little bastard has gone round and tidied all the tee boxes up and removed all the broken ones?! I deliberately never go out first for this reason now. I leave it a couple of hours to build up some detritus!


This reminds me of another one I have. I can’t open a new box of balls on or near the course. I buy the balls in boxes (usually 36 / 48 at a time) and open them all at home, marking them and putting them into my 'ball bag" which lives in my boot / trunk. I then fill up on new balls from that at the course. If I have to open a sleeve on a course the ONLY thing going through my mind is “I’m going to lose all these”!

And I too have a second pocket with a collection of found balls. Once I’ve lost 4 good ones in one round (more frequent than I care to admit), I’m onto the shit balls for the remainder. This isn’t really superstition though. More parsimony.


In fairness, I actually don’t buy brand new balls, unless there is a deal on. Got some very decent lake balls on E-bay which will keep me going. However, will accumulate new balls via presents / prizes / gift packs etc.

However could never crack open a new sleeve on the 9th tee for example (having already hit 1 dubious shot in all likelihood). The pressure would be immense to find the golf course with that 1st shot.


I buy mine usually from Sports Direct! Though I resent giving Mike Ashley my money I’ve discovered that they buy last season balls in bulk from manufacturers and sell them off cheap. All last year I was buying 2016/17 Taylormade balls for about £20 for 24! That supply has run out but this spring they’ll probably get in another batch from somewhere. I’m not a good enough player to notice a difference with brand new ProV1s.


first two were just trying too hard, but this one made me laugh audibly


you people are fucking nuts.

I think my only superstition is that I will NEVER leave an unbroken white tee on the ground. Must be picked up. Striped tees, optional…recent affiliations with NLU, @RaynorMan, Sweetens have well, sweetened me to stripes. No, I don’t pick up colored tees, those are only for unwashed heathens.


What about the wooden ones you get for free at fancy clubs?


yep, and since they’re free, I usually end up with about 25 tees by rounds end.


Must go through a frikkin box when he’s on 59 watch.