weird Masters dream I had last night


so I was at some BBQ place & I was looking at the Masters app on my phone & this was the Sunday leaderboard (what would I be doing at a BBQ place on Sunday at the Masters)

  1. B. Waton -5 (the visual in my head had him standing on 14 tee waiting to tee off)
  2. Grillo -2 (the visual in my head had him shooting a front 9 30 & he was walking off the 10th tee, I didn’t have visuals for the others)
  3. Furyk -2
  4. Spieth E
  5. Concepcion +4

it also said Bubba had a hole in one on 3 but in the dream the 3rd hole registered as the 4th hole

so take of this what you want


For the purposes of history, and the story that would come of it if this came true, I felt I had to approve this post.

Beyond that, I don’t have much response.


My question here is why are conditions so tough? Only three guys below par? Good god. Other than that, seems reasonable.


FINALLY. Someone giving credit where credit is due. For years, all we heard about was Bench, Foster, Morgan, Perez, Rose, Griffey etc…


Who’s Concepcion? Thanks, I’ll hang up and listen


A Big Red Machine, that’s who.




Concepcion? Didn’t he play on tour with @ClubProGuy?