Waveland Breakfast Ball Club: 2023 (Chicago, IL)

I’m in. Down with whatever day works best for the majority. Agree with @TeddyPargame that Thurs might be best.

Looking like we have 7-8 interested. I have another friend who would make it.

Anybody else?

I have a buddy that would probably be an alternate at worse. Going to 5i with him tonight and will ask.

I’m definitely interested. The only thing holding me back is I don’t move into the city until middle to end of May. Can always play as an alternate until the 6 weeks are up and it resets.


on the topic of timeline, i think it’ll be a six week seasons we can re-run throughout like october. and sure, we’ll all have conflicts. that’d just be the rub of the green.

i’ll wait another week or so to see if we get more numbers, then next plan of action would be:

  • survey to see day of week
  • confirm costs and season
  • see who is still in and will commit
  • meet up at 5i to discuss league concept (something that’ll make sure we are playing super fast, likely all matches, double bogey max, etc.)
  • tee it high and let it fly*

*about 250 with an ambitious gaggy hook in my case


Good work @TeddyPargame. Sounds like it’s gunna be sssiiiiickkk!

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Way to brag about keeping it out of the lake on 5.

Thanks for organizing. Probs need to renew the old advantage card.

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I’m in for this. I won’t be able to do every week but will give it a go as best I can.

well that’s the thing about the gaggy hook. the icarito big right miss is lurking when the mind starts thinking about overcompensating. not usually by 5, no. but in time for 8 to hit a runner or an uber driver on LSD. it’s happened.

Also interested, but likely fill in due to work. Friday would be ideal if doable.

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I would be interested depending on days and time

Everyone interested in the sunrise Breakfast Ball league at Sidney Marovitz please fill this out:

I’m personally in favor of committing and paying for six weeks up front and locking it in, it’ll be way too hard to manage otherwise. But I’ve left an option in the survey to schedule week to week, so we’ll see what wins. If the week by week way of doing it wins, it’ll be easier to start an e-mail thread or something

I’m hoping to talk to Sydney Marovitz tomorrow and ask that if we were to pay six weeks up front, if guys cancel within 24 hours could we a.) get a refund on that credit card or if that’s too hard b.) pick up a gift card for the amount of the green fee. we could then give that gift card to the guy who canceled or roll it over to their fee for the next six week term. something like that.

We will meet at five iron the day of the week that wins, in the morning, to discuss league rules, games, gambling, and more. Maybe do that the week of March 23 or 30 to kick start the league in April.

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Thanks for organizing.

Adding this in FWIW - wonder if there’s a way to game it a bit to use advantage rates? I honestly had never heard of the practice & play card?

Benefits Include
• Unlimited golf before 9am & after 3pm (Monday-Friday only, not valid on weekends or holidays)*
• Unlimited Range Buckets

good find.

i think advantage card is a definite must, pays for itself in just 5 times i think.

and the play and practice thing is cool, but the unlimited range balls only at diversey from 7-9 sucks. but if we committed to doing this league for the full season though it would pay for itself in just breakfast ball rounds.

Hopefully people are voting early and often for super Tuesday’s breakfast ball election. Can we extend this to those outside the refuge or is that the equivalent of Russian interference?

Anything you might need in helping set this up, let me know. Happy to pitch in.

i think it’s totally cool to open it up to a golfer without a refuge! i have a bud who’s into it.

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I’m interested, looking forward to see what dates are picked

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Digging out from a golf trip last week. Long time city card holder, had no idea on range and play upgrade

Hey crew,

So here are the voting results:
What’s the best day?
Most votes were for Friday (7), followed closely by Thursday (5).

Pay for tee times up front to block them out, or book them ad hoc as we go?
This was 5 to 4 book them ad hoc as we go.

How early?
6 votes for as early as possible. Lots of sickos – i love it.

How do we feel about doing Fridays, but have Thursdays as a back up? It will likely only matter depending on what type of league or gambling we are doing, but let’s say there are points that accumulate all season, guys could make up a round on a different day, for example. Or if we do a match play round robin and tournament, guys could coordinate and do a different morning if they had to based on scheduling.

It also appears guys would rather just book as we go each week. That seems like it’s gonna get annoying, but I get it also.

Who else has another friend or two that would be in? 9 people voted, we had 7 who said Fridays… could we get it up to 12? Or go to 8-10 and just let attrition get us to two foursomes each week?

If we have others interested, do we get them on the refuge or should we just start an e-mail chain?

What game or league format do we have? Points accruing all season for one prize, maybe skins each week also? A match play tournament running congruently at various points during the year?

What other questions do we have?

5iron meet up to handle these hard hitting questions 3/25 or 3/6 at 5:30pm ish?

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I reached out to a couple folks - none were sick enough to join. Will circulate with the NewClub guys.