Waveland Breakfast Ball Club: 2022 (Chicago, IL) (Rules at post 1584)

So take your quota and subtract (add) your 10th score? If your quota is 15 and your 10th score is -2 your adjusted quota is essentially 13?


Spoilers dude!

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@FlapjackNickelsack do you have the WBC logo saved in a drive? I wanna put it on some golf balls

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yeah gimme an email address and i’ll add you to the folder

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Anyone else want some custom golf balls? Thinking either vice or Titleist


I’d take a sleeve of either


Titleist and Callaway both require 8 or more boxes so they are out. What do you think of this?

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Thinking ahead to the championship and thinking about doing this for whoever wins. We can then reorder one each year.

Not sure about his availability or stock but @baldvinny made some really cool ball markers like this for our Michigan trip


eyeball emoji

Here’s a picture in my place of the one teddy’s talking about, shop link, I think it’s maybe $35 shipped already framed.


does a logo’d Vice ball come with each purchase?

these are fantastic btw.

edit: was hoping the Jackson Park one would include the yardage book comments.

Eldrick’s Hog would look great in the family living space.


Can I get mine signed?

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No order has been placed yet. Was going to wait until this week to see if there was any more interest in it. I’m gonna get two boxes for myself.

I’d be in for a dozen

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Alright so if I get 5 dozen that puts us at 38.65 a box. Not sure what that extra line item is, but if I get a free box of regular vice’s i’ll hand out a sleeve to those that get a box with me.

I know @rmbartell and @treeputttim want a box. and @BabblingBrooksKoepka wants a sleeve. Anyone else interested?

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Oh, I was talking about the Big Brim ball featured in the Etsy store


On this rainy Monday evening, I figured I would brighten everyone’s day up with Week 18 pairings.

5:50 am: @BabblingBrooksKoepka Myslef @ChiFFI @TheAbeFroman
5:57am: @TeddyPargame @TrajMahal @FlapjackNickelsack @JAD
6:04 am: Bartell @PinkPantser @Wheel @treeputttim

I don’t have any side game, this week as I am saving an idea for next week’s red tee week. Let’s all try and see if we can get under 85 minutes in the morning though. Feels like the sun is getting up extra late these days.

Reminder only 3 weeks left until the playoffs and I believe the end of the regular season over/under bets that @PinkPantser is running.