Was: Doxxing; then Taco Meat and Steak; Now Hockey GOAT Debate


Enlighten me. If you conduct yourself in the TC way there is no reason you can’t be your real self online.


Let’s get one thing straight…we really need to stop preaching the TC Way and then not living the TC Way…

It couldn’t be more simple…don’t be a scumbag…if you’re about to do something scummy, take a second to think about it again and make sure you want to do it.

Then when you do, live with the consequences


If you want to remain anonymous, you should be able to remain anonymous. IMO you are going to miss out on a lot of the fun if you remain anonymous.

That said, Doxxing is not cool, it is a violation of privacy. Everything said on the internet is a permanent record, so I can understand why people remain anonymous to keep them from getting in trouble with their employer or family members. .

BTW, my name is Dave Bergeron.


People will put anything on social media and then bitch when their name gets mentioned on a message board too. Crazy.

Most folks info is already out there they just don’t realize, that, and no one else really gives a shit about their info.

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Definitely agree with this, sure lots of people may have had access to it, but I’m sure a small amount of refugees would have ever seen it. I didn’t know the guys name before. Now you put it out there and now I know. There are a multitude of different reasons you might not want that info broadcast to the general public


I’m new here so I get it, my two cents and vote don’t count for much. But the last few weeks have me wondering if this is the place for me. I found the refuge and it was initially awesome. As someone who is really just getting into golf with reckless abandon, this place was heaven. Golf talk all day long about so many different subjects. I was reading and the participating pretty much all day.

The last few weeks have me thinking differently. The culture here has a weird vibe that I’m not really down with. This doxxing shit just adds to it. The aura of supremacy that I’ve noticed in here with some posters is just a turn off.

And I get it, I don’t want to be here, see ya later. No ones forcing me to be here, blah blah blah bullshit that will typically follow this post can fuck off.


This is pretty fucking ridiculous.


I think that one problem, outside of doxxing, is that two adults got into a name-calling, shit-posting argument over SGI irons vs blades…cmon people.



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That’s my point. If you don’t say anything worth getting in trouble over, why would you care? I think the real life people who contribute to this forum are the main reason this place is great. Interacting with real people over zoom and at meetups is incredible. The anonymous losers who sling crap really bring this place down imo.

and my name is James Konsky


What if he isn’t really being a dick and is being himself but would also still like to be remain somewhat anonymous. Maybe his boss is on the Refuge as well and doesn’t want his boss knowing he is on here on company time


where does it end though? If i go to a huge refugee meetup like Cincinnati do I then get to be mad when someone uses my real name in a comment?


Do you think (great poster, great guy) would want his real name attached to his account? The simple fact of posting here during the day is enough to make some employers quite unhappy.


That’s what makes it funny!

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I agree that you don’t need your name attached to every post, but your example of @RobertHunter is interesting to me because he is one of the least anonymous people on the refuge, just by pure participation.

There are trade offs in life, you can’t have the best of both worlds just because you want them. Either remain anonymous or don’t.

Just doxxing myself.


Funny, or pretty embarrassing for both parties involved?

I mean I think the TC way here is sending the dude a PM and telling him as directly and mano a mano as possible that its Bullshit.

Nandy, I don’t agree with the move and we all get heated and make mistakes. Thats my take on this one and I was there live.

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