Was: Doxxing; then Taco Meat and Steak; Now Hockey GOAT Debate

Now it’s clear why you’re in charge around here. :applause:


On this there can be no debate. None.


Scroll up there’s plenty of debate :joy:. I’m still convinced it’s Lemieux.

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You can definitely give him a pass for the playoff thing for now. Yzerman was considered a stat-chaser who couldn’t win until the mid-90s. Messier was the Greatest Leader Ever and then he went to Vancouver. Circumstances matter a lot in the NHL.

I agree with you generally, but Lemieux and Jagr rarely played together. After his first retirement they played a lot together, but before that Jagr was generally paired with Francis and Lemieux played w/ Stevens and Recchi/Tocchet (which in fairness was pretty sick). Lemieux’s most productive seasons were with the likes of Warren Young, Bob Errey, and Rob Brown.

This isn’t a Backstrom/Ovechkin thing. More like a Crosby/Malkin deal.

Now, this does not include PP time, obviously.

Gretzky was the greatest of all time. Period. I agree with @McSchvantz

In addition, Gretzky was the greatest of all time on NHL’94. He was better than Jeremy Roenick (he’s a friend and I tell him this all the time to his face. Ha!) and Gretzky bled the best on NHL ‘94. Just watch ask Sue and Trent from the movie “Swingers”. Gretzky can BLEED!


Do you tease JR with the “Roy can’t hear you with two rings in his ears” line every chance you get?

It may be petty, but I would.

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I do. Ha. I tell him that he couldn’t even beat Roy in trash talking in that 96 playoff series!

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yeah, this was I was probably a bit over my ski tips on…except the PP stuff, which you mentioned. I mean, there is the “put our best guy on so-and-so” and they can’t play both lines, so both great players gain an advantage, but it’s not 1+1=2

Yeah, Lemieux was a bit like Crosby where he was casually a tough player to find linemates who meshed well with him. At the same time, if you found the right fit, they could lift otherwise ordinary players to incredible heights. See: Warren Young, Rob Brown, Pascal Dupuis.

see Guentzel currently

Nah, Guentzel’s the real deal.

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I actually know the kid…he’s doing amazing things, I’m merely saying it doesn’t hurt to be Crosby’s line-mate.

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He did well with Malkin too. He’s just good. Smart. Gets to good areas and puts the puck on the net.

most importantly, he can find the open spots on the net. Scoring machine.

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Hasek and Brodeur (and Roy) mostly played in the dead puck era with the wider pads and bigger equipment. What I’ve found interesting is each had their own style (Hasek was the first true “hybrid”, Roy the classic butterfly and Brodeur a dinosaur playing a stand-up/one knee down style).

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Did Hasek use the pull size pads? I always thought he opted for something smaller to maintain mobility

Damn y’all are still going


Before all this, I honestly thought the NHL had the least controversial GOAT discussion of all major sports. Apparently I was wrong