War at The Shores - Nov 7th 2020 @ Canal Shores, Chicago IL ***Who Let The Pro Out?***

@GotWood @TCRBrad I just so happen to be a fan of all those things. Will be signing up.


I’ve been preaching the gospel to singles that I play with in hopes to get more people signed up and to enlighten them to the ways of the sickos

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Is there a way we could contact Temperance brewing to see if they want to somehow #getinvolved? Don’t want to make things too complicated, but they’re an Evanston staple


This is a GREAT idea. If you have a lead, by all means give 'em a buzz.

I’ll shoot 'em a message and see what they say as well :slight_smile:

With the chilly weather, if they have any Might Meets Right around…


Signed up and also decided that this is the perfect opportunity to liquidate the “found” ball collection. Pink Volviks, yellow supersofts, etc are all coming along.


With the new job, I’ll have a bucket of “Optix” colors for everyone…especially since the reverse routing is going to require a fair amount of foraging lol


But do you know the spin rate of one of them vs a 10 year old ProV1 with a bunch of scuff marks and the name “Jeff” scrawled in sharpie?


Compression rates are going to be VERY similar :rofl:

Biggest difference is one with look like a gumball:


These actually might be very much needed if the leaves are the same color they were at Marquette Park the other day. EVERYTHING LOOKS LIKE A GOLFBALL


Any idea on what time we would start teeing off for this?

Estimated times:

8-11:30 (First 18)

12:30 - 4 (Second 18)

We’ll be sending groups off either 1 or 3 & 13 for the forward loop.
Backward loop splits are “18” and “12” (the reverse alps with tunnel option)

If we think we’re going to be pressed for time on both, the reverse routing will get priority which means we’ll likely skip holes 1&2 on the forward routing. Still have to confirm with Tony on timing/potential frost delay plans…though in the past we’ve literally played on frozen greens before

EDIT: Daylight charts say we get daylight from 6:30 to 4:36…but I sure as hell don’t want my first swing to come at 6:30am in what’s likely going to be high 30s weather lol


Signed up. Super hyped for this. Sounds like so much fun

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Also worth noting…

To save a tree (or two) we’re going to be doing virtual yardage books so you can use 'em on your phone.

We’re all about favorable golf, so pins will be accessible and tees at relatively comfy yardages for the forward routing (except 4…cause it’s just a tough hole regardless). It’ll be cold, so we’ll need all the birdie nips we can get.


whats the cutoff for sign up? I’d like to get in but might be out of town that weekend.

Cut-off will be a week before the event…so even if you think you can only make it for one of the two sessions, come on out!

Guise…I’m PUMPED

Just got off the phone with Canal Shores, and here’s the setup.

Need to place a down-payment by Halloween, which I can cover. We have access to the ENTIRE facility, which means we could have a food truck park literally by the first tee for lunch (if that’s the food route we’d like to go).

One thing we will need to coordinate is spotters for the reverse routing, since there are two holes that play 100% blind. Right now I think we can leave a cart on each hole, have one player drive across to check on the landing area while the rest of the group plays, then drive back to hit their shot while the group walks to their shots. We’re still workshopping this in the lab…any and all ideas are welcome :slight_smile:

Ideally, I’d like to keep costs per player around $50-70 after food and whatnot…
The good news is they said us renting the course this late in the season is already a huge help (which we like) and I think they might be looking to use donations to fund some equipment for 2021. More on that later.


And we have a food truck quote!!!

Tacos are winning right now, how does this look?

Food truck + Golf all day + $5 donation to the Canal Shores fund = $70 day in total



Sounds great. Will do my best to be there, but there is a good chance that will be in MI that weekend for a PeeWee hockey tournament ( where I am right now).


  • Get pucks in deep
  • Stick to your game
  • Really battle hard out there
  • Obviously they’re a good team