War at The Shores - Chicago IL - 2020

Got the confirmation from Canal Shores. We are clear to take over the entire golf course on November 7th.

The idea is to play the course in it’s original routing first, grab some lunch, and then turn it around and play the reverse routing shown below (the thing that @slick_willy doesn’t believe we can do)


Since Canal Shores is a non-for-profit course, we would like to bump up the cost an extra $10 as an added donation to the staff for letting us play the course in reverse. This means that a 40 person event would cost $47 a person for all-day golf (you could play after we’re all done if you’d like!) Throw in catered food and we’re looking at $55ish bucks?

Obviously if you’d like to donate more to the golf course, you’re more than welcome to do so!

Format for the event will be:
18 holes OG routing of stableford
-lunch break-
14 holes reverse routing - team best ball (this will be explained later…there are a few ground rules)

This is a quick turnaround, so PLEASE sign up on the spreadsheet below if you’re interested!


8am-830am Morning Wave of Tee Times (~3hrs for one round)
11am-1230pm Lunch & possibly bonfire???
1230pm-1pm Afternoon Wave of Tee Times REVERSE ROUTING

430pm - Unwind. Chill. Drink next to a bonfire.




Let’s go!

Looks sweet! Can’t wait!

Really excited to show y’all the “Reverse Alps w/ Tunnel Option hole”

Options are to try and carry the “El” Tracks going for 11 green, or playing up near the 12th tee and taking the “tunnel option” for safety (see tunnel shot below)

EDIT: This is a video of the tunnel option shot


And if y’all needed any other reason to come out and play…here’s the Tom Coyne recap:


I am playing Canal Shores for the first time this morning. Looking forward to meeting some new peeps around this area.


Greens are in rough shape. Just about up until the last stretch, the fairways are rock solid if you want to run it around on the ground.

Overall it was an cool little course and can’t wait to get back out there.

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That’s just how they normally are.


Something something they build character

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You’d think with all that “nutrient” rich water nearby, they could pump those greens full of life.


It’s particularly bad this fall

Combination of a bump for the homepage, but also a question:

Who would stick around for a YUGE bonfire after the round?


Absolutely on board with that idea.

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I saw a guy who looked very similar to lumberjack Brett Farve chopping wood out there last weekend.

They have quite a bit of fuel…

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I THINK there’s community firewood around 11 green…

Near the clubhouse/VFW there’s a hefty firepit that I figure we could kill a few beers around

Should it be of interest, I can bring a peace offering of spotted cow to help with WI/IL relations.


I can help in that department.


Definitely in the minority here but I’ll go on and say that Moon Man > Spotted Cow.


Honestly, Spotted has become kinda the “X light” replacement for me, so I can go right along with you there. Maybe some sampler packs are in the cards for this to broaden horizons.