Walking Only Golf Trip

Looking for destination ideas for group of 8. Requirement: walking only / caddy avail courses. We’ve done Bandon, Cabot, Sand Valley, Pinehurst, St Andrews so you get the picture.

4 or 5 day trip, prefer to stay in one location and play as much golf as possible.

Hit em straight and thank you.


Nice humble brag. I’d go to the Greenbrier next.


I personally would eliminate sand valley from that kind of trip. There are basically only two courses which seemed relatively similar to me. Especially if you are doing 36 per day plus sandbox at the end. They claim two restaurants, but they share the same menu. They are fine for one or two days but after 4 or 5 days would be repetitive. There isn’t much in the community. At least at bandon you can go into town and get different foods. Ymmv.

I think bandon is far ahead of the others in America you mention. I guess streamsong might be on the list. I’m not sure pinehurst meets your walking only definition. You can of course walk most of the courses yourself even if others ride, like pinehurst. I guess if you include pinehurst, you could include pebble area. If you include St. Andrews, can you include many in Scotland and Ireland?

Maybe if you reviewed your experiences from the trips we could provide better commentary?

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Have you done all of the courses at Bandon enough to really check them off your list? Probably should go back and see it again. Might feel completely new!


Monterey would round out your impressive list. Although slow play at the big name places make 36 hole days a little tough.
(home town NorCal bias)

Odd fact about pebble. The “cart path only” rule is always in effect. If you take a cart you might actually do more walking… than if you walk.

Streamsong sounds like your gig


Also welcome to the hood man!

Thank you all. We have loved Bandon, Sand Valley, Cabot. All great! Streamsong fits the bill but don’t want to go in summer. Thinking Arcadia Bluffs next.

I was thinking northern michigan might be a good option for you guys. The second course as you know recently opened at Arcadia. Tons of good local courses in the area. Potentially much more budget friendly.

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Arcadia is good if you don’t mind playing the same two courses over that 4 or 5 days. If you are willing to take a drive you could mix Forest Dunes in with Arcadia.

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London: Sunningdale (old and new), St George’s Hill, Walton Heath (old and new), Swinley Forest down to Deal and Sandwich. You’d probably need to arrange Caddies well in advance.

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streamsong has terrific food. But for the money I would go to bandon every time.

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Would you say it’s about the same price overall but the golf is better at Brandon?

The lodging at streamsong seems to be higher but that recollection may not withstand inspection. I think the overall golf may be better at Bandon, but the ancillary stuff at streamsong is pretty awesome in particular the bass fishing. But considering I can’t get one of the courses at Bandon out of my head it may be a very nosed opinion.


Idk what I was thinking earlier with the Greenbrier comment. I would go to streamsong first. One thing with streamsong is you have to go the right months of the year or you will die out there from the heat/humidity.

What thinbullet says, except I’d remove Walton New and add Woking and Rye


Me and my crew did Monterrey earlier this year and even with 4 days of golf felt like I left some great courses behind.

We did MPCC, Poppy Hills, Spyglass and Pebble. Spendy few days but outrageous golf. We did take carts for Spyglass and Poppy but not a requirement. If I had to do it over I’d fit in Pasatiempo and maybe hit Half Moon on the way back to the airport.

(first post! happy to be here!)

I agree with the streamsong. Great golf, great food and drinks.
Pinehurst is also a great place full if variety.
Long Island could be done pretty well and fun.

If I remember correctly there is a time in the summer when they won’t let you walk because of the heat haha Florida man, it’ll get ya