Walker Trolleys: A new type of Push Cart

Hey guys, I wanted to post this in the Refuge as this is such a great group of diehards like myself. I met many of you at the NLU Summit (@jhkaplan, @scuff, @ajsmith and others I can’t remember screen names) and @Lazstradamus was so supportive on the other thread that I thought I’d share my story and the story of Walker Trolleys here first. We are a really, really small golf push cart startup (#pushcartmafia) based out of Austin, TX just trying to make something cool that we like. At it’s simplest, that’s what Walker Trolleys is, some diehards that want to make a cool push cart.

My story though, I was living in SF, working in tech and belonged to a small public course in the Bay Area. I didn’t own my own push cart, but there was every model under the sun stored in the bag room to use. Some were better than others, but I always felt there just wasn’t a great option. I took my first trip to Scotland last summer, playing Dornoch, the Old Course, Prestwick, North Berwick, etc and just was blown away by the history and tradition of golf in Scotland. I used a push cart at several places and just had this feeling that push carts as they are today just don’t fit with the ethos of the game in Scotland. There isn’t something old school, classic, simple, sleek and elegant that embodies the tradition and history of the game. So my brother-in-law and I tried to create something that we felt better embodies these traditions. Think forged irons of a push cart.

Fast forward a year from starting Walker Trolleys to today and we finally received patent clearance to begin showing our product to the public. We started this thing as a side hustle and we have come a long way since then, it’s my full-time job, we have created 3 prototypes, had many long nights and we are getting really close to beginning production with the expectation we deliver product next Spring. There is still an even longer journey to actually creating a business as we haven’t even started that part yet, but today was a pretty big milestone for us. We can now show our product and get all the good and bad that comes with putting out something you’ve worked hard for and hope everyone likes as much as you do.

I’d love any comments on what you think of the trolley, what’s important to you in a trolley, or anything else you’d like to share. I’m enclosing a few pictures below and have more on our website. www.WalkerTrolleys.com


y’all know i had to do it to him…


I think that you marketed this product extremely well - it is elegant, timeless, and fashionable. I love it. I’d give up my part-time Clicgear for it in a heartbeat.

Storage looks good - but more importantly, it looks flexible. I’d imagine pretty easy to add a basket, or a larger bag, or whatever, underneath the golf bag portion.

My biggest question would be - how much? (I’m sure you’ve done your research on the market, competitors, etc) I’d definitely pick this over all other competitors at a “reasonable” price point, but I’d rather have an electric push cart than this, at equal cost.

Could be really, really great to push this (at size) to a T100 club who cares about ethos and appearances.


Congrats Brad! Looks amazing, and glad we can finally share some pics! Cant wait to see where this goes. Cart looked even better in person. Just simple, elegant, rolled smooth, super simple to open up or collapse down. Looking forward to adding it to my push cart collection


Be interesting when you can release some info on weight, dimensions and ease of use. I like the current weight of my cart, but it’s sort of ungainly to fold/unfold.

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Thank you for the kind words! That’s really nice of you to say. We’re still working on the storage as trying to make simple and functional for what you need when you need it. There is a ton more we want to do, but just need to see what’s practical for the first version.

As for cost, that’s still TBD as we don’t have final unit costs from our manufacturing partner, but I can assure you it will be less than electric carts. That’s been a goal from day 1.

Weight is about 19lbs, but we’re looking to shave that before final production. For comparison a ClicGear 3.5+ is 19.5lbs. I’ll get back to you on length privately

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It is hard to explain how classy and cool the Walker Trolley looks in person. Congrats on the launch @jbpayne32 ! Can’t wait to retire my Clicgear.

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if uppababy made a push cart


Kind of reminds me of bicycle wheels. Can you put a playing card in the spokes?


You’re closer here than you think

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I believe that. First thing I thought of when I saw it was this stupid thing I had to buy.

Every other push cart is a Graco.


I made the same comment to Brad when I first saw it. According to him they sourced the handle leather from the same company that provides it to UppaBaby. It’s classy AF.


Like this dope bike…


Stick one of these on the side of that sucker to hold your bag and take that baby to the course.



I did tell him that if he cracked the baby stroller push cart problem, he’d be a gazillionaire.


And width as well…HEYO!


Looks great!

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Great looking product. Interested.
I can imagine there would be some opportunity to add some leather saddle bags that mount under the main column. Would be ideal for my golf camera.

Edit to add: The longer I look at this thing, the more I love it. That brushed steel and leather is killer.