Vote for Anarchy

Enough is enough.

I have seen your vague promises of a better Refuge, your insistence that all will be well once Dear Leader finally has the ability to crush those he opposes with an iron block button. Your proposed exemption handouts in exchange for votes and support, an exchange too scummy for even Dru Love to accept. Your suggested bureaucracies, spreading moderator power out among a few select cronies. Your dog pictures (which are excellent).

In this election, there should be an additional option: the ability to vote that there is no president at all. Think of the past as you think on your future:

Do we really want a single individual placed on high, given immense moderator powers, up to and including the ability to block specific users? Have none of these candidates ever visited the Refuge while inebriated? Have none of these candidates ever fought with others, or with each other, in flame wars on this board? Who here do you actually trust to draw the line, fairly and consistently?

Do we really need such an individual? Think of all of the idiosyncrasies that have grown out of this site organically: meet-ups, game shows, swing roasts, worst holes, the Buck Club thread, wine tastings, awards…

R e f u g e - s p e c i f i c - m e m e s.

It’s not all for me, but that’s part of the experience. Would all of that have occurred were one person in charge? The beauty of this place is that it has grown organically, from a few hundred random usernames in January 2018 to a sprawling, thriving ecosystem, complete with food pictures and dog pictures and its own currency on the Silk Road.

Does the Refuge have problems? Yes. There should be a more robust introduction process for new Refugees, a more immersive tutorial into the “Rules of the Road” and perhaps a brief overview of some of the more integral threads on the site. I think the mute button should be strengthened to a year-and-a-day, like in a children’s story. We should also all take a more intellectually-consistent approach towards determining what is and is not out of bounds, as well as a more discerning approach towards deciding whether to post something that may or may not be out of bounds. We should always ask ourselves, before posting anything: “Does it slap?”

However, the introduction of a top-down governance structure will only serve to stifle innovation while blowing the ego of those select few governors through the roof. It will be bad. It will not be good.

Vote for Anarchy. Vote for Freedom. Vote for the Refuge.


I am @VelvetSteve?


Cool post, but I’m pretty sure the vote for the dog is the vote for anarchy.


Basically anytime after 5 PM.


Only if truly egregious behavior warrants it. IMO that would be a specific threat, quoting Mein Kampf, or posting anything complimentary of RTJ or the Faz.

I don’t think this is the job of the President. The President will be a representative of the people.

I like to get in the mix for sure. The key is to understand that we are just having fun and to not get personal or take it personally.

Wrap it up guis, this election is over.


This is literally 90% of my day job.

Do we even know if the person will even have this much power?


A vote for the dog is essentially this option. He tried to convey this with his “no platform” platform but his campaign manager is an idiot.


this just gentrified me


Will Arkansas win 1 or 2 SEC games this year?


Mine too.

Run up if you want to get done up.


Great post and great thoughts. Two questions and a comment:

First question, how do you deal with all of this (which is spot on)…

…without a little help from someone?

Second question, what is your favorite Refuge specific meme?

And my comment… Think we might be getting a little straw man-y here…

Not sure it has to be like that. But, you slap @ANTIFAldo, so thanks and I will hang up and listen. Glad you weighed in.


Build and Pin (permanently) a thread at the top of the home page; link people to it when they set up an account. The mute button thing could be changed t o m o r r o w. And “don’t be a jackass or a hypocrite” is common sense. Its not rocket science, it’s a message board.

Zac Blair is Billy McFarland.

It’s not a straw man. There are people here who really want the ability to kick whomever out for “crossing the line,” and I don’t trust the judgment of anyone who would run for “Refuge President” to exercise discretion. I also don’t think that moderators are remotely necessary on this board; this ain’t Hogville. And please: if you think it isn’t an ego trip for someone to get to call themselves “Refuge President,” to act as the alleged go-between between NLU proper and the plebeians down here, then you’re not paying attention.

And I would take two SEC wins in a cocaine hearbeat.


We could change it to czar, khal, king, chancellor, premier, we dont have to settle on president


I identify with the last line.

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Voting is authorizing someone else to steal for you.

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I suspect shenanigans here as @ANTIFAldo goes down the None Of The Above route.

Do you have to spend $30m by the end of May?


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