Visiting Pebble Beach Without Playing


I’m going to be in San Francisco this summer and would love to walk the course at Pebble Beach. I’ve read that it’s possible to see a few holes that are near the clubhouse, but would it be possible to access the most scenic holes without playing a round? I love watching the tournament every year, and it’s a bucket list item to see it in person.


Not sure about the rest of the course, but you can definitely get pretty close to the holes around the clubhouse. We did the 17 mile drive and then finished it off with lunch at the clubhouse and then sat outside and watched people finish on 18 for awhile.


Park at Carmel Beach and walk north up the sand. You can see 8, 9 & 10.
And if it happens to be dusk and it looks quiet…


I visited there without playing a few years back. We had dinner and drinks out on The Bench patio and then as play finished up just went out walking on the course. I think you could so the same, just wait until the sun starts to set and play finishes then go take a stroll. I don’t think they mind so long as you are respectful.


Thank you for all the tips! I’m crossing fingers the weather will be clear the day we drive down there.