Virtual Lessons

Has anyone found an instructor that they’re happy with that will analyze video of your swing? It seems like there are a ton to choose from and prices vary widely. The V1 app has a huge list of instructors but no details.

Hi @UMDGolfbro, actually just asked this exact question myself and got a few answers you might find interesting! Come talk about what you’re looking for and you’re experience - there’s a ton of knowledgeable folks around here.

I’m coaching a few Refugees at, but… yeah, the other topic is probably a better place for this discussion.

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I hit a hook-draw for 30 years.

I signed up for evolvr with @iacas and now hit fades longer than I used to hit rope hooks.

Heaven is real.


Also if your looking for someone, I can chime in as well.
PGA professional here and I have studied/work with some of the best instructors in the business.