Vijay Singh

This guy was unbelievable, and doesn’t get enough run and credit in golf circles for what he accomplished. Here is where all things Vijay can be discussed.

Him snatching #1 during peak Tiger
Cheating accusations
Legendary Practice and fitness routines
His sally Jesse Raphael glasses
Why he rarely contended at The Open
Will he dominate the Senior Tour or surprise and win another Tour event.


As a junior golfer I used to practice with gloves under both armpits to emulate the legend.

My family also named a cat after Vijay. What a guy.

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The flipping tires workout videos are awesome.


Dude’s prime basically corresponded with Tiger’s and he won 34 PGA Tour events. In 2004, he won 9 (9!) PGA Tour tournaments.


I was working for the USGA at 2008 Open at Torrey in the players and caddies sports treatment tent. Vijay strained a muscle on one of the practice days and I worked on him every day of the tournament. Couldn’t have been a nicer guy and btw tipped me good and didn’t have to.



And according to Gravy and the Sleeze on PGATour radio, he’s a low key cutthroat gambler.

“Whatever makes you nervous.” as the kids say.

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Wait is this real

Yeah, it’s Drew Stolz (The Sleeze) and Colt Knost (Gravy).

It’s no Ira and the Douche, but solid radio team name.


An all time fucking story


One, solid Parks and Rec reference.

Two, your Nest label is my new favorite.


Knew a guy who caddied a practice round for him and shot a distance for him with a range finder. this is how it transpired:

Buddy - “I got you at 118, Boss”
(Vijay hits a shot right at the flag and got about 15 feet past the pin)
Vijay - “What was that number again?”
Buddy - “118 man”
Vijay - “118 point what?”
(Looks through range finder again)
Buddy - “118.6”
Vijay - “Dont tell me another fucking wrong yardage again”

This dude had his yardages down to decimal points…


Well that would be almost 2 feet not 15.

Also aren’t there fairly substantial cheating accusations against Vijay?

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could have been a difference in hitting a ridge/backstop or not. the fact that he blamed the caddie for not saying “118.6” is truly a dick move though

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Which is classic VJ through and through.

But god was he good. You know that 0.6 actually does matter to him.

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only real interaction I had was nearly getting drilled by ball at quail hollow. Dude smelled REALLY bad

Y’all don’t want none of Vijay.

So cringey

Not necessarily a dick move. If you’re caddying for one of the best golfers of all time you better bring your A game. Practice round or not.