Vijay Singh playing in KFT event, yay or nay?

Reports are that Vijay Singh will be entering a kft event once they are back due to his not having good enough status to get into Colonial. Is this good or bad? Personally I’m not a fan of it, but i get the whole life isn’t fair, play better, etc. just wondering other thoughts/opinions on this

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Curious to know if you felt the same way about Alex Cejka cleaning up in Outlaw Tour events?


Listen, fer shure, but the guy’s just always up for a game


Find myself leaning towards the “who gives a shit” camp.


I get he’s a competitor but he may be taking money from guys grinding it out. He can grab a few of his buddies and play from the tips at his home course. Put some money on the round to make it competitive

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So he’s playing on a lower tour because he doesn’t have status on the higher tour? And people think this isn’t ok?


Don’t see a problem with guys beyond their prime playing on a minor league tour. Not the first time it’s happened in golf. It happens all the time in other professional sports.


I mean, that was vaguely unseemly, but didn’t bother me a ton. Outlaw Tour is basically open to anyone at any time.

A guy with a lifetime PGA Tour exemption taking a spot in a KFC event (basically the official PGA Tour AAA) is a whole different thing. Those guys are fighting for money and points and playing opportunities. Vijay is just bored because the fucking Champions Tour is off.

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Listen, for sure…

I also didn’t mean to say that Vijay and Cejka were doing the same thing, was just wondering if people didn’t like Cejka doing his thing as well

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Sounds like that lifetime exemption isn’t as beneficial as you’d think. What if Zac Blair did it? Would that be different?

I didn’t think it was great what he did either

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If KF players are scared of getting beat by a senior tour player - they need to be better. Go for it Vijay


Vijay is a professional golfer choosing to play in the top event he is qualified to play in. It is not his responsibility to ensure playing opportunities for others.


That’s how I see it. I don’t see anybody going crazy when that happens.


Guys with lower status on the Tour who can’t get starts at a regular Tour event often play on the KFC Tour in normal seasons.

Though I do think in this particular scenario, given that if you have a PGA Tour card you won’t lose it, there’s no reason to do that this year. If ZB or anyone else who could be playing Colonial played at Sawgrass instead I would also say that’s shitty. Maybe Colonial (or the RBCs, or Harbour Town or whatever) will have really full fields and guys will be wanting for playing opportunities to make money. If that’s the case a month into the re-start season … eh, I don’t know. I’m still not sure if that’s a good enough reason to take a spot from a KFC guy who also needs money and needs the chance to earn points.

But none of that is the case with Vijay who is simply taking a playing opportunity away from someone for no good reason at all.

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He’s 57 years old and his presence should be celebrated by the other players. Maybe some of them will learn a thing or 2 from him. He’s got wisdom, they have youth. Fair trade-off.


If KFT guys get wiped by a 57 year old that can’t even consistently make PGA Tour cuts, they got bigger problems than him.


I think play and kick any winnings back into the prize pool

He doesn’t seem like the most approachable guy, but I hope I’m wrong and he will be a fountain of knowledge for some younger guys.

I will say this is kind of like the Tiger Tax, and guys like Ernie, Vijay, and DD probably have a lot to say about the minor leagues being half of what they are…with it being a place to prove yourself and give yourself a chance to “catch” Tiger