Viewing/Posting On The Refuge During Work Hours - An Intervention


What does @The_Cad_Says say?? Turns out, a whole hell of a lot. #1 at 822 replies. If you want to make your wife facepalm, try leading with this stat as a chat-up line tonight.

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Never let an opportunity to speak my mind pass me by. As my wife well knows.



hmmm how many Liberian Dollars will this cost me :thinking:



I really need someone from Eastern Europe or the Middle East to have my login, so they can be liking and replying when I’m asleep. Especially if I could turn them loose in threads that I don’t care about.

“Tonight I want you to work on ‘Roll Call West Virginia’ and ‘The Buck Club’. Like and reply to everything, and I will see you in the morning.”



You could probably make that happen pretty easily…

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PGA Tour live really distracting me from my Refuge time here at work today. :confounded:

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With WWOG last night and ensuing discussion, roasting/defending Tron’s game/handicap/honor, arguing about economics (and god knows what else), much discussion (and more arguing) about cars, setting grudge matches, full recaps of all things Kansas City, the release of the Strapped trailer, and last but not least, the release of this horrifying, yet fascinating list… I’d have to say today has been all-time day on the Refuge.



It has been dizzying at times. There was even a moment in there where putters were being discussed that resulted in 12 Chrome browser tabs opened with Scotties on Ebay.

Headed home from work completely drained. Time to crack a beer and detox with some
Choi Ho-Sung and Asian Tour TV graphics.

This was supposed to be an intervention, you people were supposed to help me. Yet here we are.

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Dude. You’re the one that showed up at the rehab reunion with an 8-ball…This is on you.



Blockquote There was even a moment in there where putters were being discussed that resulted in 12 Chrome browser tabs opened with Scotties on Ebay.

I try my best to avoid putter discussions as this is where it inevitably leads for me as well (as I peak at the thread…)



I just checked that (horrific) leaderboard and I think I’m the all-time leader in likes given.

I’m the fuckin’ Rickie Fowler of this place, just waiting off the 18th green.



reads your post and looks at mine directly before yours with zero likes

Guess I’ll go fuck myself then



Not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing, but I’ve fallen out of the top 10 in many user stats

this is our FedEx Cup




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How did I not know this existed, this needs a weekly bump! About to dive in where no one should ever dive



If Lee Westwood can win again, I can make a comeback too



I too have fallen out of the top ten in the “Posts Read” category, down to 11. Not sure how I feel about it.



After doing some #analytics, it looks like its due to my low number of topics viewed. Guess I read a lot of high volume threads to be near the top. I’m not active enough commenting to be near the top in any of those related categories.




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I’m up to 4th. My plan to win this shit is working.

I just need to be funnier for the likes…

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