Viewing/Posting On The Refuge During Work Hours - An Intervention


I found it earlier this week, haven’t slept well since. (Because on the refuge)


I’ve never paid attention to the heart thingies for likes for individual posts.

oh god

oh no

i’m so sorry


Recent addict checking in. Sending you all my support in these trying times


Wife: “Do you spend a lot of time on that golf website?”


Thank you. I think we could all really use a reading by @Randy from The Book Of Yardage about now.


Does @soly know that it doesn’t cost anything to give a “like”? Captain Stingy.


Are you able to litigate in a Puma flat brim hat?


spin zone, his IV (Influence Velocity: likes received / likes given) is outrageously high and indicative on either the authority of his opinion or everyone’s thirst to kiss the chief’s ass.


Knew I could count on @2trickpony to save the day with advanced metrics.

@ANTIFAldo has a f@cking Bonds-like Content Quality Ratio (CQR). Basically averages over 6 likes per reply. Staggering! Nobody even remotely close to that save @soly (5.5ish) @djpie (5.5ish) @tron (4ish) and we know what they have in common.
Your likes-per-reply/CQR leader board:
@ANTIFaldo 6.3
@DeepFriedEgg 3.2
@3wiggle 3.0
@OutsideTheCut 3.0
@GluteActivator 2.9
Honestly don’t know why that group doesn’t just start their own little take haus and give us one more golf website to burn hours on…


Sounds good to me but only if it’s called


I currently own a house of that nature. Shuddered rooms may become available for additional residents soon or it may be abandoned as I move into a new home owned by others. Stay posted.


Well aware! I love your haus. It’s like the favorite dive bar that I only dare have 2 beers in.


Some good stuff brewing in HQ right now. Ready to kick the tires this year. Might even be compiling salary and compensation information of certain individuals in the golf world for a report many will be interested in…


I am so curious of the 25k posts read which TWO (2) he felt deserving of his “like”.


After a deep dive, I found that this is the first post he liked. :thinking:

Did we…did we just find…El Tucan?


Yikes, I had no idea that page even existed. I did notice the ‘posts read’ counter on my profile the other day and felt it looked somewhat high. Glad to see at least one person is ahead of me. Also, I pretty much only read the Refuge at work, so it’s a small wonder I’m still employed


This page is fascinating. Really interesting to see the habits of different posters. Shout out @ericrbens on the massive amounts of reading :joy:


why oh why did you have to pull back the curtain @paul why. Well, guess its time to double down on replying and reading new threads see how i can increase my unproductivity at work… Better take a deep dive into my analytics see how i can get that CQR up


For just a few dollars a day, I can increase your total likes and get you the coveted title of “Valuable Content Creator.” Email me today for your free one-on-one consultation.


I’m conflicted. On the hand one I find that, yet again, my wife was right when she said I’m addicted to this thing. On the other, the stupidly competitive side of me is looking at myself in the top ten and thinking “Bit more work, I could get to top three. Maybe even win this thing.”.

Must try harder…