Viewing/Posting On The Refuge During Work Hours - An Intervention


:clock430: :eyes: :grimacing:


You can’t quit posting because what I will I read during work?


This forum board must have been designed by a guy while he was at his day job. Very clean, white, inconspicuous…Kinda looks like you are viewing some sort of pdf.


I found this page to be particularly damning.
@GluteActivator and @DeepFriedEgg are Refuge iron men. Legendary.


Good lord that is jarring and I intend to avoid it




Let it all out, this is a safe space.


Well guys, 5:05. Talk to you tomorrow.:v:


I had no idea this existed. This is horrifying. Why.


I thought I was a lurker until seeing @krkclark


Yikes, didn’t need to see this. But I’m also not ashamed.



This is why I hate when video games keep track of how many hours you play them. I’m not a fan of the number of visits stat on that page, but I’m glad there’s no hours spent stat.


Bad News…Time Read…not a good look for me.

Edit - the analytics one can do on this Refuge League Table are deep.


I didn’t see Time Read. Not great, Bob.


Dear God - the discipline to read over 25,000 posts and NOT ONCE POST A REPLY is truly otherworldly. How does not one thing make you absolutely triggered to the point you just have to say something?


on the east coast lol

we’re still grinding out here in Bendelow country (Chicago)


This is bad. On there is a small fortune in billable hours

Kind of hoped nobody would ever notice that page


I’m top 10 in replies but I have somehow never posted a thread. Best poster without a major.


Holy crap. This person needs to be studied.
Silently bucking his head against the offended generation.