Video Games (& Rats Baseball)

Hi. I don’t know that this NEEDED it’s own topic, as I was just going to change the name of “golf video games” but I wasn’t sure if anyone would see it. Plus, if you’re trying to squad up in COD and you’re asking everyone in the TGC 19 thread, someone might not see it.

Anyway, who is playing COD Warzone and needs a partner (cross platform, so not console specific)? PUBG? Anyone looking for a decent SG on NBA 2k20 (XOne)? Anyone need a good center on their NHL EASHL team (XOne)? Anyone play D well and want to play on an established EASHL team on PS4? Anyone want to play some MLB the Show?! Anyone want to play some god damn something?!

Xbox: Taylorxxx
PSN: xthrubyx

Let’s use this thread to find other gamers for non golf things and for talking about other games.


Man, it’s been a while since I’ve played any video games. I used to be super big into Grand Strategy, i.e., the Europa Universalis series, Stellaris, etc.

I’m down for war zone! Pm me and we can get something set up. Playing MLB the show 20 rn too if anyone is looking for a game!

Few of us in a cod ps4 thread are playing

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I haven’t picked up 20 yet. Any glaring differences? I’m not a huge baseball guy, so I can be a slow adapter on the MLB side.

The hitting seems to be easier. In 19 I was an okay hitter and good at pitching. So far in 20 I’ve been killing it at the plate and pitching has been rough. I like years game more than 19. I’d say it’s worth the buy, but I’m kind of biased and have been a loyal show player since the mid 2000s lol.

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I would be into warzone. Haven’t played a lot of games the last month but trying to get back into with this one. I’m on Xbox. Gamer tag is the same as here

So is warzone completely free?
Do you need the latest COD game or anything to access it??

Nope. You can just download Warzone in the store.

I’ll fire that up when I get home this evening!

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Anyone on right now want to play?

Always down to play with new peeps. Gamertag is “ghiadriver” across all platforms. No Xbox though. Been a PS boy my whole life.

PSN: Fugaizi

I’m on at night: up for CoD, Apex, Destiny 2, whatever.

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PUBG here

Been a while since I played PUBG but it’s still my preferred Battle Royale

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They have recently updated it. The have a team death match now. Also a new male for battle royale. Still tough as ever.

Thought this was going to be a thread about Breath of the Wild.

There should be a Breath of the Wild thread.


I think I heard that this patch brought cross platform squads as well, instead of just cross platform play. So that’s a big addition.

Thinking about buying a 360 and getting back in to NCAA and old Tiger

Old tiger is fire. The ones with Augusta are great