Veterans Golf Association - VGA

We do too. They are the Evil Empire just a few days a year!! I went to last weekend’s Army Navy basketball game at West Point. Between the tribute to MIDN David Forney (USNA Football sudden death), and the 96 year old Army Vet who did the National Anthem on his harmonica, it was a great experience:

And the Bad Guys won both the Men’s and Women’s games…


My friend is an assistant for the women so I was happy to see them win. And you’re correct. I root for Navy the rest of the time

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I tell people my two favorite teams are involved in the best rivalries in sports for different reasons.

Army-Navy for honor and sportsmanship.

Alabama-Auburn for hate and nefarious activities. :slight_smile:


Glad I seen this just joined the refuge a few weeks back and joined the VGA after looking at this has anyone played in there events? What are they like? Haven’t played in any golf tournaments before but would like to participate especially if it gives back to the community.


Just signed up, hoping to get in a few tourneys before the years end. Hope to see some of you boys out there.

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I’m a member of the North Region. Reside in Va, but play most of the Maryland tournaments. Looking forward to the season opener at Musket Ridge.

Can’t speak to the VGA specifically, yet, but I’ve picked up more tournament golf in the last two years and its been such a rewarding experience. Going to try and get out with the VGA this year and imagine they have some awesome events and programs.

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I wanted to bump this thread and see if we had any new members come onboard who are veterans. Anyone have the opportunity to play in any military/veteran events this year?

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Very cool thanks for bumping. I will for sure be looking into playing some 2021 events hopefully.

I’m happy to come across this thread. Looks like I’ll be able to play in the Texas event later this month. I’ll be sure to check back in after to share how it went.