VenkmansLament declares his intent to run: The Light Touch

The Light Touch is founded on three pillars:

  1. Make it easier for new people to participate in the Refuge. I will add a pinned introduction thread, and a small team of 3-5 trusted and vetted moderators who can shut down the typical threads we see from new users, and politely direct them to the search function, existing pertinent threads, and invite them to introduce themselves. We already have a small group of users who do this, so I don’t think it would be hard to find folks who would be willing to do so in an official capacity.

  2. Bans will only be issued only in extreme cases: threats of violence, doxxing attempts, etc. and must be agreed upon by the moderation team.

  3. Threads that get out of hand will be issued a “Guys. What the fuck?” and nothing more. We’re all adults here.

The group of moderators will consist of “good people from both sides” to eliminate the possibility of political malfeasance. Any decisions not covered above will be made by committee and I will hold no individual executive power other than communication with The Killhouse to keep things simple for them. For the sake of transparency, all conversation transcripts will be made available.

Lastly, if elected, I will not seek re-election in the following term. I am no career politician.

It is my hope that these small changes will improve the Refuge for all users, new and old.

Edit: To address the issue of exemptions


Simple and possibly effective. This really could work. Godspeed

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Shirking responsibility in his announcement speech.

The rest looks good though @VenkmansLament, almost as though you ripped it from my announcement.


Eschewing executive power =/= shirking responsibility. I and I alone will bear the burden of any misdeeds or failures during my term. Find a new slant.

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I don’t know what you said. I feel asleep half way through Pillar 1. Maybe before. Not good at detail.

Can you summarise for me. There’s a good boy.

The irony of an Irishman using this sentence is so sweet I want to drizzle it over pancakes.

You’re old, we get it.

Not good at sentences.

Or questions?

My grandparents would agree.

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Can’t follow orders. Noted.

Orders issued on what authority? I don’t take orders from people just because they’re rich.

Argumentative and touchy. Noted.

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Bossy and entitled. Noted.

Doesn’t have original material.




Elect this man for the avatar alone. Homie hit 'em with The Wozniak Shrug. WHAT ELSE DO YOU PEOPLE NEED??

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This is eerily similar to my platform. However, unlike unnamed others I won’t be slinging mud. I welcome all ideas and all candidates. But again, eerily similar


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I’d noticed that as well. To be fair, I submitted the topic for approval before I saw yours, i think around 12-12:30 yesterday, and mine wasn’t approved for several hours. If it comes to a point after the primaries where we siphon votes from one another, I’ll gladly step out of the race.

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We really can’t prove that I’m afraid. How about we pool our efforts from the get-go, be my VP and take over mid-way through the term, we can talk specifics if you wish?

Trading votes already. Dirty. And from the two ‘honest’ candidates too.