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Gents, I am at that stage in life (early 30s) where some friends are married, some friends have great jobs and some friends care more about golf than others. Some are cheap, others can’t stop spending money. Lots of moving pieces.

I am trying to get together an annual golf trip with my college buddies. One half is averse to the idea of a $2k+ trip to Sand Valley. The other half wants to pay up for a great experience on a nice course. Unfortunately, we need both halves to compromise or else the trips don’t make sense.

What are some destinations that meet in the middle? Is it even a feasible idea to price a golf trip in the 500 to 1000 range (excluding travel)?


Love this thread idea, as I am currently trying to herd cats into committing to a golf trip when they’d rather just meet up for a weekend in a random city and drink the town under the table. They’re all down for golf in theory, but if I suggested Pinehurst or Bandon I don’t think anyone would commit.


Tara Iti


I’d commit to Bandon in a heartbeat for next year, as much golf as you want to play.


Would be helpful to know how much golf we’re talking, to iron out a price per round roughly.

Like are you talking 3-day weekend with 36/day, or just Saturday/Sunday with 18/day?

ummm did i hear bandon with @RobertHunter @tedscott and @pushdraw? sign me the FUCK up.


I’m legitimately in for that, but i think Jeremy is spending his bandon points this year.


From the sounds of it, don’t think it’ll take much convincing (less my wife) to go back


Here’s my “budget” trip strategy:

  1. Depending on where everyone lives, travel is a b!tch. So I surf the map feature on Google Flights to see what the cheapest option is:*./m/01_d4.2020-03-03;c:USD;e:1;ls:1w;sd:0;t:h

Another thing to keep in mind is rental car companies love to run sales this time of year…so consider renting a mid-size/mini van for you and your buddies to make a 5-10hr drive somewhere.

  1. Course wise, it all depends on if guys want to check boxes off a bucket list/Top 100 ranking/etc etc
    If they do…bundle the “bucket list” course in with something that’s close by. (EG: Whistling Straits and Blackwolf offer decent package deals to play 36 in a day, and “The Bull” is a GREAT track next door that costs in the $70-100 range pending on season)

If you need a map of golf courses with content about them (articles, videos, etc) use this:

  1. Again this depends on where everyone is located, but don’t be afraid to go somewhere that’s not typically a “golf destination”. Courses in the Rocky Mtns are gorgeous in the summer and fall (still snowy in spring) and usually don’t break the bank while offering amazing views. You could also consider playing in a “warm state” during the summer, as they usually offer discounted rates (Arizona is great for this, but play early before the desert gets stupid hot)

this is the real battle

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I wish…

I’m in a similar life stage. Turning 30 next year, my wife and I have twin daughters. None of my other golf buddies are married or have kids yet, and I really want to get an annual golf trip going.

We’re in Southwestern Ontario so the first place that comes to mind for us is Northern Michigan (Tree Tops, The Loon, etc.).

I’m just desperate for a good boys golf weekend, essentially.


Where are you located? In the last couple years we’ve done our annual trip at Turningstone in upstate NY and then True Blue/Caledonia/Heritage down in Myrtle. We got 3 nights/3 rounds for $600 total at Turningstone and $475 in Myrtle. All booked as one package in advance and staying on property. Obviously you could add more if you want to spend a little more.

Turningstone is at a casino with some nightlife, and the golf there is actually really fun. Caledonia/True Blue is in a quieter area outside of Myrtle.


This is great.

I am located in Atlanta, GA and most of my friends are either in Alabama or Tennessee.

Right now we have a few Southeast options dialed in:
Old Waverly / Mossy Oak in MS (Hanse just did Mossy Oak and its great)
Sewanee / Sweetens
Old Toccoa up in Blue Ridge, GA
Hilton Head
Myrtle Beach
Gulf Shores or Destin, FL area
RTJ Courses in Alabama
Purcell Farms in Alabama
Lake Oconnee in GA

But would love to hear any options that are outside of the SE. Most of these guys could use a little culture


Thanks, this is awesome.

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Given this, I think the RTJ trail / courses is a great middle ground, some great value for sure and logistically think it makes sense

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Yeah, RTJ makes sense, but most of us grew up playing them (we’ve all been out to Hampton Cove / Ross Bridge / Montgomery courses so many times as kids) and it isn’t the “experience” some of the guys want out of the trip. Also, Nashville / ATL friends would whine that the Bham guys don’t have to travel! What a world

Look, I already have dibs on crashing @pushdraw’s Bandon party.

I mean I certainly haven’t been working this morning.


Nice, well I would say a “budget” trip outside of the SE, that’s good value for money could be Michigan. A lot of great courses, the lake is pretty beautiful, and logistics should not be too bad.

Is Pinehurst out of the question? Maybe a bit higher price than you’re looking for?

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Yeah, i priced out pinehurst and most of the combinations of courses and lodging put us in the 1.2 to 2k range. It is definitely an option if we did some of the more “budget” friendly courses there. Also looked at arcadia bluffs and it was too expensive, around 1.8 to 2.3k depending on caddies

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