USGA Handicapping - Course Setup

I’m in the UK and we’re due to switch to a ‘world handicap system’ in November 2020, which is more like the US slope system.

I understand that the slope system rates different sets of tees so that the shots you get would depend on the tees you’re playing from.

What happens in the US if the superintendent wants to mix the tees up in a member event? Say for example they want to put one tee way forward for a drivable Par 4. If they’re mixing tees from different rated sets, how do golfers know what rating to use to work out their shots?

Mixing tees would make the scores not postable or you would just ballpark it and use the tees most frequently used for the event.

If it’s a situation where you only do it with one tee, I assume you would just use the usual slope. If it is a bunch of different ones I dont think it is ‘postable.’ We have a set of tees that is rated using a mix of senior and member tees, but it is marked on the scorecard.

(Incidentally I wish we had a similar arrangement with a group of medal and member tees)

If I understand it correctly (which is unlikely, but I’ll try anyway), I think the new system actually allows for a real-time adjustment for course conditions that day. So if scores overall are lower than usual for that course, then the new system will treat it as an easier course. This way, when you’re playing in bad weather the course plays harder than usual - but I think this would also work for more unique setups in competition play.

That being said, if the sup sets up the course and moves the blue tees way up on one hole and way back on another hole - it still is postable. What isn’t postable is if as a player, chooses which tees he/she wants to use based on their decision. Remember the slope / rating isn’t the be all / end all - it is just an estimate anyway and tees always move around

Our course has ratings for mixed tees as well as the regular ones.

If you move one tee up you must move the other tees up that same equal amount to keep the rating in tact for all tees that day

Sounds like there’s no simple way for the super to set the course up however he pleases each day?

In reality the supers must still set the course up however they want right? And just get the rating as close as possible?

In 2020, let the PCC handle it.

In 2019 and before, if you played from unrated tees, you can apply an adjustment based on the difference in yardage. It’s pretty simple.

If one hole is moved up 20 or 30 yards, who cares… but if a bunch are moved up like 200 yards total, then it starts to matter.

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Huh I had no idea that it was a simple yardage adjustment. Thanks for sharing

Thank you