USGA/Fox Should Televise the US Mid-Am and Senior-Am


Like any good business, they won’t do it unless they think it will make them money.


I’m glad the Pub Links went away and was replaced with the Four Ball. The Pub Links just turned into another Amateur filled with college kids and it’s not like these college kids were following the spirit of public golfers. UNLV had a bunch of kids play in that over the years and they play most of their golf in Vegas at the exclusive Southern Highlands.


That’s the whole premise of the post–whether the economics make sense (i.e., are there are enough potential viewers to justify broadcasting these events).

I don’t know what the ratings were for the Walker Cup and US Am, but I’d have to imagine that they were respectable. In that case, I’d think that those numbers would translate over to broadcasting (profitably) the Mid-Am (and maybe even the Senior-Am).


Personally knowing both Nathan Smith and Sean Knapp from the Pittsburgh area, HBO might be best suited to host both amateur events. Either that or just a documentary of those guys playing a round of golf together would be highly entertaining. Their personalities match their games.


They have been around longer than Golf Channel. So I think my statement stands.


Just wondering, but does HULU Live work in the UK, and if so is it the same channels we get in the states or is it based on UK tv lineups? I say this because FS1 is on it and carries the smaller USGA events like the US Women’s Am at Chicago and early round coverage of the US AM. Or maybe you could subscribe to Fox Sports Go thru the internet and get it that way,


Maybe the US Women’s Am will be the gateway to seeing all the great courses that haven’t been lengthened to accommodate the modern game. Cypress, Fisher’s Island, Crystal Downs, San Fran GC, Garden City, Camargo, Somerset Hills, Shore Acres, Maidstone, Yeman’s Hall, just to name some that would be awesome to see on TV…