USGA/Fox Should Televise the US Mid-Am and Senior-Am


The Mid-Am and Senior-Am always have compelling story lines (maybe more than even the US Am), and I think that the average golf fan can certainly appreciate how good these guys are (considering that the competitors are simultaneously juggling careers and competing at the highest level). It doesn’t get much more entertaining than watching prestigious match-play events where national titles hang in the balance.

With that said, are there simply not enough potential viewers to justify broadcasting these events?

I know that, this year, I was searching everywhere for coverage of both, and instead had to watch bits and pieces that the USGA streamed on Twitter via Periscope.

The US Am and Walker Cup events were televised, and both events were highly entertaining, and the coverage was phenomenal. I feel like the Mid-Am and Senior-Am could have been successfully televised, too (even if only from the semis on). Get Bacon and Co. back together, throw in Buddy Marucci (who’s already a part of the US Am and Walker Cup broadcast teams), and give it a go.

Maybe I’m biased being from Pittsburgh since I want to see how perennial contenders Nathan Smith and Sean Knapp fare, but I think I’d watch regardless.


The more golf coverage Fox does, the better. Tracer, drones, and a distinct lack of focus on parasailing, whales, etc.


two years ago they televised the FourBall at Winged Foot too… that was awesome to watch as well

all in all it would be nice for more Am events to find their way to our television or computer streams

FOX is planning to televise the new Womens Senior Am this year i believe. mainly because its at Chicago GC


(A question I’m a little surprised to hear myself asking, but )Any idea if the U.S. Senior Women’s Open will be part of Fox’s coverage? Chicago Golf Club!


Haha, great minds think alike!


Just let Fox broadcast regular events. Seriously I hope they get more events at some point even though I doubt they ever would. But yeah I’m all in Fox doing more golf


I’m with you. The storylines are more relatable, albeit repetitive (here’s John Smith, an insurance salesman from XXXX going up against Bob Johnson, an insurance salesman from XXXX) but they play high level golf in a viewer-friendly format that’s compelling (with the FREGIN’ Masters on the line for the mid-am!!)
I’ll go one further- the age for the mid-am should be 35. Mid-am events are looking more and more like college events. 25 is a little young, IMO.


I have been looking for ticket info ( I live in the area) but it is not up on the USGA site yet.


They televised the Mid-Am 2 years ago. Wasn’t televised last year due to Walker Cup coverage was I believe the reasoning


I thought the midam in 2016 was great. The final match was crazy to see down to the wire. I was looking forward to watching it and found out way to late it wouldn’t be on tv.


I don’t know about the Senior Am, but I went to the Mid-Am last year and no tickets were required. Parking was limited but free too, though I could see that changing based on the venue. The pro shop at Crabapple was open and had some event merch for sale, and I think there was a buffet in the dining room you could pay to eat from, but beyond that, not much in the way of amenities for spectators - nor were there many spectators period.


I’ve played in the Mid-Am, No tickets required


Either way if I can get on the grounds to walk Chicago Golf I am doing it. Pretty excited for the opportunity.


very jealous of you guys having amateur golf on the tv in the US! I’m from the UK and theres little to no coverage of our amateur championship full stop! tbf the last couple of walker cups have been on tv. the more golf the better, and the vibe in amateur tournaments is sick! also cool being able to follow someone through the ranks.


If they can figure out how to televise the four-ball they should definitely be televising the Mid-Am.


Hey buddy, you should come down and walk the Senior Women’s at Chi Golf with me. We can go play after.

I don’t think they would let either of us on the grounds otherwise.


I have it on my calendar already. Adding a round sounds :ok_hand:


I feel like the lower-prestige amateur events could be a great test case for some innovative broadcasting strategies (e.g. mic-ing up players/caddies, experimenting with drone cameras etc.). These may not draw in the casual fan, but it would at least make them appointment viewing for the die-hards.


I agree. I’d also like to see the USGA bring back the State Team Championship and/or Pub-Links. The more the better, IMO.


The mid am yes. The senior am. nah