Upgrading Driver Necessary?

So I don’t hit my driver far. 220-250, I’d say 230 pretty consistently. One thing I do well with my driver is keep it pretty straight or with a slight draw. I added 15-20 yards from last year working with SuperSpeed sticks so that’s great, but now I’m wondering if a driver upgrade may be worth it too. Club distance is an issue throughout the bag and will be an issue I address this season, but Driver is definitely a club I hit pretty well.

I’m using a 2014 Callaway Big Bertha. I got the go ahead from my wife to go to Golf Galaxy and take a Epic Flash off the shelf and buy it and I’ll probably hit some in the simulator as well.

Anyway, a friend of mine questioned why I’d want to change one the clubs I hit well and doesn’t think I’d see much of a difference with an upgrade. I don’t have insane clubhead speed so I’m not sure I’d benefit from newer technology, but was curious if anyone here had any thoughts. I’m trying not to just spend money for the sake of a new shiny toy.

Getting a fitting and see your numbers . How far do you hit the rest of your clubs ? It could be a great fit or a poor one. You’re probably unlikely to gain significant distance from the swap unless you’re spinning it a ton.

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This is spot on - buying off the shelf when you’re confident in current driver is not the way to go. If you really want something new, go get fitted.

You don’t need high swing speed to take advantage of any of the changes made to clubs recently.

Get fitted and use the data to make an informed decision.


I would say upgrading from a 2014 model after fitting you should see pretty good results. Probably not getting much change from 2017+ models at this stage.


I’m not a long hitter. Right now my 6 iron is 150. My hands are behind the ball at impact and something I’m going to be working on this summer. I’ll hit a couple in the simulator. The issue with a fitting in my area is that they’d fit me for this year’s models. I’m not buying a $500 driver. I can get the Epic Flash for $300-$350. Figure I’d hit it side by side with my current driver and see how it goes. Would have to see 10 or more yards of distance gained I think to make it worth it?

Buy the Flash, put your current shaft from the Bertha in it. I think you might see a difference. Flash should be hotter off bottom strikes.Sell the shaft that came with the Flash.


I’m all in for a fitting, but my local fitting studio that has a Trackman fits for the current models. So they’d fit me for a Mavrik. I’m not spending $500 on a driver.

I will second a fitting as well but I have to add a cautionary tale to share. I have a Nike SQ from 2006 that I can STRIPE but it only goes about 230 carry. In my quest for distance I went to get fitted and got obsessed with my Trackman numbers during the fitting (I was also hitting out of a bay so I could see the actual flight which was nice). Unfortunately, when you swing about 50, 60, 70 driver swings you get pretty loose and it is easy to get your swing speed up. For reference my “natural” swing speed is about 102 mph and by the end of the fitting I was swinging 115ish. All this is to say I got fitted into a driver that was perfect for a guy who has warmed up hitting 50 balls but not for someone who generally walks straight to the first tee. After several months and a few shafts I have gotten to where my new driver is 245-250 carry and significantly more roll but definitely still a bit crooked so I still hit my old Nike 70% of the time. So right now I carry two 460cc clubs in my bag like a very poor man’s Phil Mickelson.

TLDR: I chased distance with a new driver and found it but I still use my old driver the majority of the time.


Its pretty much all about fit right now.

I took out my old Titleist 910 earlier this week and was hitting it as well as my new Mavrik SubZero.

I probably get away with slightly more with the Mavrik, but its hard to tell.

Get a new one if you want a new shiny thing, but if your launch and spin numbers are in a good spot right now, any gains will be minimal.


You guys are not the enablers I hoped you be.

I gotta figure something out.


Enablers are all over in the Daily Deals of the Day: “I Never Paid Full Price” thread. Usually only on shorts, hats, balls and the occasional putter


I literally said get a new one if you want a new shiny thing!!


But for real, was hitting bombs with the 910 on monday.


910s slap

just picked up a 3 wood after playing the 910h for 6 years.

Yeah but I’m smart enough to know not to buy new shiny stuff just because. Maybe I’ll go to Golf Galaxy and hit some in the bay today, but that’s not even a true fitting.

There’s a Club Champion in HHI I could schedule a driver fitting for in a week and a half while I’m down there. I just don’t want to be fitted for a brand new driver as I can’t afford that.

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But you can use the data from that fitting.

  • High spin may be a consistent issue so may pick up an older model low spin driver (Callaway sub zero, Ping LST, etc)

  • You might find that a lighter shaft gives you a nice bump in distance but it adds to your dispersion so you stay in the mid to heavier weights

  • Ebay is your friend for all of this after fitting purchase


Maybe you don’t need a “fitting” but just need to go to a golf retailer that has a trackman you can rent and then you can hit your driver against the used drivers they have and see if it makes sense to upgrade. You will be a bit at the mercy of what drivers they have in stock but if you go on trackman locator – https://mytrackman.com/public/locator – you should be able to find some locations. ESPECIALLY in HHI.

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Discount Dans is never bad either if you can’t find what you want used.


Do you even #Sicko bro?

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Just spoke with my Dad and he was also thinking of looking at a new driver. We’re going to go to the PGA Superstore in HHI and do a driver fitting. That sounds like a good plan.


Talk to Rick. #LGLG