Updated 2020 Events Schedule (Sweetens Registration Info - Post 17)

It was @kruges not @Riggsy


I wish!

Also our San Antonio qualifiers: @tx_southpaw and @cgroom

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Dallas Q’s***

The same San Antonio as The Duel at the Alamo?

EDIT: Nevermind. Just saw @tx_southpaw post. LOL

Also, don’t forget to add @BaxterMSP as a qualifier at the upcoming MN Event. May as well get ahead of the curve now @Hala-Mark-Rey


How do i get into the Houston Event?

Is the Branson event happening? If so does anyone have details?

Yes - its still on, thread below. Right now we are at capacity, but like everything in 2020 - its subject to change, so jump on the ALT list in the google doc if interested.

Big Cedar - Refugee Meetup (10/23 - 10/25) - Official Thread

Thanks Man

Ugh! That is what I get for not reading your entire post. Just spent 15min trying to figure out what I missed on my spreadsheet. NOT NICE… :wink: Goooood Luck!

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NIT Refuge Event Hosts-
I need your help. Can you please message me on here and/or email me with the following:
1.) Host(s) names
2.) Your event name/Location
3.) Qualifiers from your event
4.) Photos that would be worth sharing at the NIT
5.) Info on fundraising (if that was part of your event)

That would be a HUGE help. Once I get all the up-to-date responses, I’ll share the info on here as well.
Oh ya, Erin here :raising_hand_woman: in case we haven’t met!

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Is it golf all 3 days? With the emphatic “YES!” on the July Nest pod on whether the tournament is still a go, I’m starting to schedule the trip and figure out possible outside rounds at the start/end of the trip.


Just a quick update to the Aug Nest Pod - the October 23rd -Big Cedar Meet-up has a couple spots that just opened up. If you are interested you can hit the thread below or reach out to me directly for info. Thanks!

Big Cedar - Refugee Meetup (10/23 - 10/25) - Official Thread

Golf related to winning the NIT championship will be Friday, Saturday.


Thanks, Erin.

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Looking forward to meeting everyone in Jacksonville for the NIT.


Holy cow! Refugees on 11/7 keeping up at home be like

Nest Invitational Tournament - NIT News

Strong Like Stella Cincinnati Open 2020: 11/7 @ Avon Fields Golf Course - Post #99 for sign-ups

War at The Shores - Nov 7th 2020 @ Canal Shores, Chicago IL

Is this the record for most Refugees ever playing at the same time together?!? A total sweepstakes!


All about those alternate field events during WGC (I…erm…uh) NIT events :sunglasses:

For real though this is awesome and I hope everyone finds a way to #GetInvolved


2021 NIT spots on the line at any of those? Is this the Reach-inside Season?