Updated 2020 Events Schedule (Sweetens Registration Info - Post 17)

Going to consolidate all NLU events and Refuge Meetups that are part of the 2020 NIT in this category.

Here’s a summary of everything on the books:

NLU Locals/Regionals/C-Suite
June 25th @ Jax Beach (registration currently open to Nest members)
sometime week of Aug 24th @ Chicago (still figuring out details and workability)
September 12th-13th @ Sweetens Cove (registration late next week)
October 8th-10th @ Pinehurst Resort (registration ongoing)
November 6th-8th @ Jax Beach (qualifiers only)

Refuge Meetups (all will receive NIT spots)
*July 1st “The Strapped Duel at Palatka” in Florida
*July 17th-19th “Husker Dü(el)” in Nebraska
*August 15th “North Star Shootout” in Minnesota
*August 29th “The Duel on the Bayou” in Houston
*October 3rd @ Aiken Golf Club in South Carolina

Notes on other candidates and changes
*October 23rd-25th in Branson - too small? too close to NIT dates to give spots to?
*July 17th-19th Lake City Classic in Idaho - am told this is canceled?
*Meetups in the works in Atlanta and Denver. Details to follow in the coming weeks.
*Looking to get local Q or meetups scheduled in midwest, something in Wisconsin around Ryder Cup, mid-Atlantic/Philly area, and New England.
*Events/meetups completed in LA, San Antonio, and Charlotte thus far in 2020.


And then if you have an event that pops up organically just use the other categories as we’ve done previously and then we’ll take a look at each event and discuss with organizers whether it makes sense to integrate into this category.

Here also is the current breakdown of slots (with flexibility built in for anything that pops up):


Fully putting the cart in front of the horse here…

As the 1st (both chronologically and by status) alternate – what would you estimate the cut-off for qualifiers to commit to the NIT to be?

October 1st seems reasonable for everyone who has qualified and then we’ll have some late qualifiers in October, too. Fair?


If you’re asking me, yes, more than fair.

If you’re asking my wife, deadline should’ve been yesterday.

Bridge we are just going to have to cross if/when we get there. Orrrrrr I just plan the trip, and chance of competing is the cherry on top.


@Tron, mind helping us move this one over as well? Thank you sir.



2 for chicago? 2?!

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Not sure if this is the right place for it, but is there any talk of rescheduling the Flushing Meadows Pitch and Putt meetup?

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Unfortunately. Happy folks are getting out and can make it to Jax this fall though, thanks for the support!


There’s not at this point. Maybe in the fall but nothing imminent. It’s still a tough scene in those parts right now.

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@chrismarz posted that the Branson meetup is officially a qualifier now, right?

Definitely understandable. Thanks for the update.

Keeping my fingers crossed that everyone can stay healthy and the schedule pans out. I definitely don’t want to be a scumbag, but I’m really interested in attending the Pinehurst event.


Stoked about the Pinehurst event…

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Hey @Tron I thought we only had one spot in San Antonio (2 if you count the auctioned off slot). Has that changed?

It has not. Just a typo. Couldn’t remember if it was 1 + auction or 2 + auction. Thanks!

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Aiming to have Sweetens SuperRegional registration this Friday. Will be Nest members only, and since demand is going to outstrip the number of spots we’re able to offer (since it’s only a nine-hole course it’ll be 55-60 spots) we’ll enter everyone who signs up on Friday into a lottery and decide the spots randomly. This feels like the only fair way to do this 2020 due to the lack of regional events we were able to plan due to COVID. With more SuperRegionals in 2021(plus another year under our belts) this shouldn’t be as much of an issue.


How do we sign up for the Houston Bayou event, or any of the events. Sorry new to The Nest and trying to figure things out

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Hey great to have you, @Barritos! As you can see, a ton of fun things going on.

This looks like the Bayou event here, jump in and talk to the organizers! I’m sure they would love to have you.

A community/roll call for you Lone Star folks.

Finally, and my personal favorite, dive into your local RACDG Chapter via sign up sheets. Usually have some interesting events/ideas/chats going on!

Hope to see you out there soon!


Thanks @davidc!