U.S. Open Qualifiers


im 32, i see a pro 2 or 3 times a year… its more of an “oil change” than anything. maybe focus on something that ive been struggling with since last visit. he never overhauled anything, just made small adjustments for more consistency, was a consistent 5hnd when i started and now consistently a 1. its made a difference


The Desert Classic and Pebble Beach Pro-Am don’t either.

Also, the British Open does… if you’re willing to cross the pond.


Great info, I think I could really benifit from talking with a pro occasionally. Never had a single lesson in my life, never played in school either.
Did it take you a while to find a pro that you liked, or did you just buy lessons from the head pro at the local club?


Good catch on the pro-ams. I guess celebs don’t want to get stuck with a mondayer…

And yeah, intentionally left the British out because the actual open qualifiers are not exactly convenient for us Yankees


i went to the club pro for a lesson, he recommended another guy who is a teaching pro in the area, had a studio for winter use and coaches college golf in the area, cause in my discussions i wanted to get back into competitive golf. the pro at my club isnt really doing that type of instruction haha


Right on. You guys are getting me fired up. Time to set some goals.


I’ve got the Mid-Am qualifier on my calendar at the moment - but I did last year too. I’ve qualified for the state Am the last couple years, but basically had a mental breakdown on the 2nd stroke play round and my game goes to shit for the rest of the summer and I end up punting.

@paul -

I’m 38 and I didn’t start playing golf until I was about 25/26. My first ever medal play tournament was the state Am (other than the qualifier), and I was not ready. Hell I did it again this year and I still wasn’t ready. I really need to play more of my state golf association events, even just the one day ones. I HIGHLY recommend doing some of the smaller stuff before jumping straight into the USGA qualifiers. It’s just not the same thing at all as your weekend money game or club champ.

Or maybe I just make it out to be more than it is and that’s why I can’t keep it together for 36 to get through to match play.


Yankees - people from the North, when you’re from the South
Yanks - people from the states, when you’re a UKer


I’m gonna bump this because I see a lot either in here or in the goal thread of all of us who are looking to try and qualify for the mid am. This gets me pumped seeing so many other refugees out here doing it and giving it a shot. We need to start a google doc for everyone who is trying to put in their info so that we can keep up with everyone.


I’ve been blessed with some near misses over the last 6 years or so (I use "blessed with some intended sarcasm, but it really is the truth) and I’ve also been blessed with some successes. I qualified for the Pennsylvania Open twice, had a bogey free first 18 during a US Am qualifier (didn’t go low enough the second 18, missed it by 4 or 5), and I’ve been within 2 shots of moving through US Open local 3 separate times.

The best advice I can give (“do as I say, not as I do”) is that you have to play within yourself and get out of the mindset that you have to go super low. The minute you start to press and try to pull of shots you aren’t fully comfortable with, your day is done. The bottom line is, either you have the game in there somewhere to qualify, or you don’t. And staying patient and allowing that game to work can be key. Sure, if you open with 4 bogeys in the first five, you more than likely have no chance of moving through, but many times, those scores (for a quality player) are the result of nerves based on this expectation that a career day is required to get you to the event or the next stage. In reality, I’ve played in no less than 3 US Open local qualifiers where even par would have comfortably moved you through.