U.S. Open Qualifiers


Yeah I didn’t even get started really into golf until I was 24ish. I played some here and there when I was younger but never really cared and really got into it. But around 25 is when I was like hey I’m gonna push it and try to do really good.


I’ve been a member there for a couple of years. We should figure out a schedule and get you out. I’m not in the same zip code as a US Open qualifier, but love getting my ass kicked by that course.


You’ll be there before you know it. Most State events only require a 6.4. USGAs are much lower. Get in the ring as much as you can. It’s a little different beast than casual play or club championship play.


Not at a level for this qualifier but am happily following anyone giving it a run - good luck!

I did play in my first state am last year and it was the most fun I’ve had golfing in forever. I got my ass handed to me on the first nine haha but feel like I learned a ton. A big goal for me this year is to find more competitive rounds to play (as someone who doesn’t have an actual club).


I got absolutely eviscerated by a 72 year old this passed year in a match play event. He beat me 5 and 4. I’m 26 and could hit my 5 iron passed his driver. Apparently he is that clubs ringer and has won a handful of senior amateur events. Shot a 62 from the members tees after he turned 62 and holds the course record. It’s never too late.


Needs to be stated: there’s a bit of a Julio Bell epidemic going on in golf. As a few have pointed out on this thread, you get to play some great golf courses for $125 so a lot of people are just in it for that reason. Many doctor their handicaps to be able to play. I’m certainly not accusing anyone here of that, but when you hear the USGA claim that “entries are up for the 5th year in a row” it should give you pause.

And yes, I’ve received the USGA letter.


Ahhh the famous USGA letter something no one wants to receive cant guys just have a good time, play a great course for a decent amount, and shoot a horrible score in peace


Dang, that is impressive. Lot’s of good golf ahead, I have to keep that in mind.
@Lazstradamus While it would be fun to play courses that I wouldn’t normally, not really a driving factor for me. Showing up to enjoy a nice track is a different feel then showing up to compete against someone. Knowing my personality, I would find it difficult to enjoy a course while sitting DFL.


I received the letter this past year after the US Open Local. Wasn’t a pretty situation for me, but I’ll own it.
Weird circumstances but traveled 2 hours to play, get rained out after a 5+ hour delay, drive 2 hours back home and then 2 hours back the next morning to play. Needless to say, I was toast. Fired my worst round in years on a course that I know very very well.
A month later, I received the letter and proceeded to explain the situation and provide scores from the few tournaments I’ve played the last two years. They cleared me and I missed the Mid Am by a couple shots later in the summer. I jokingly texted a friend that works for the USGA to never send me another letter again. He did admit that they were getting tougher on them this year.

All that said, I’ll probably try the Open qualifier again as it’s at the same place as said meltdown and skip the US Mid Am qualifier because the course it’s being held at is imo, horrific. The Ohio Amateur this year is at Moraine cc @thefriedegg, so I’m hoping to qualify for that. if I can make it work with my schedule, there’s a US Am qualifier at Camargo. 36 holes at that place would be a treat.


Five or so years ago there was a US Am qualifier at a great LA club that I always wanted to play called Hillcrest CC. Had a flag football game a few days before the event. Shouldn’t have played, but absolutely balled out (3 TDs, 2 INTs.) On the last defensive series I grabbed a guy’s flag belt and my finger went the wrong way. I tried to play golf with two fingers on my right hand taped together. Shot 94. A week later the letter from Far Hills, New Jersey arrived.
Dear Mr. Taped Fingers, Sorry to inform you…

(The finger still bothers me even as I type.)


Not surprised to see another former hockey player on here! When I quit collegiate golf, I joined the club hockey team. So much more fun. Beers in the locker room after a late night practice is the best Wednesday night I can think of…


Yes, I would absolutely love to get out there with you! Really appreciate the offer. Fox Run is my favorite course in the area.

I play out of Glen Echo and The Legends if you would like to do a reciprocal sometime.


Yes sir! Not to mention the 10:45 PM on a Tuesday night ice time slot for beer league.Played goaltender ever since I was 15 or so, but pads have not seen the light of day for 2 years now. Sad.


I’m a goalie, as well! You would think the mental strength from being a tendy would carry over to golf… nope.


It is a different game for sure, although as I got more serious about my golf I found that it kinda stokes the same fire from a mental standpoint. The whole “forgetting the bad ones” is key for both.
I have to admit though, sometimes when I’m tapping in for a double, I wish I had a chubby defenseman or a lazy forward to yell at.


I haven’t had a coach since the early part of the decade. Since then, I’ve been 95% self-taught with a couple of light lessons from my best friend and a teacher in college (I did PGM, so it helps being around lots of golfing minds). This year once I get my PGA membership I’m going to play in Section tournaments and play against other club pros. Get a measuring stick for where I stand compared to them, see how it feels to play for money for the first time, and go from there in 2020.


Sick! My buddy and his teammate made a DEEP run in the four-ball a few years ago. It was so much fun following them along. Best of luck!


Thanks man! We’re committing to 9 months of preparation. We even got a “partner” in 18Strong, the golf fitness company, so we are doing their Golf Body Blueprint workouts and will be writing/podcasting more about that soon.

It’ll be a fun ride, that’s for sure!


Most regular Tour stops that aren’t invitationals have Monday Qualifiers. Quick count is 26 of the tour’s events this year have open qualifying. If you’re a nobody you have to go through pre-qualifying first.

Offhand, those that don’t:
Tournament of Champions
Bay Hill
non-US Open majors
Playoff Events
New Orleans (with the change to team format)
Asia Swing

Pretty much all the Web events have open qualifying too


Just had a moment to go back and read the blog post you posted. Great stuff, will be following.
Show me the way!