Two-Man Best Ball Event Ideas

Hey guys! Looking to put together a two man best ball event for my local Muni. Wondering what quirks or variations anyone has played to add something extra to the event. Thanks!

I play in a great one often

27 holes best ball. (Only 18 holes for handicap division).

Horse race before event to bet on teams. Skins game as well on the first 18 holes.

Championship flight goes off one nine tee times. Handicap flight goes off other nine, tee times. The following year, you go off separate tee. (So odd years is Back-Front-Back) (Even years it’s Front-Back-Front).

After 18 holes, groups are repaired and sent out (leaders go out last). They even re-set pins for last 9 (they play around with different tees as well…making par 3s different distances, and sometimes even playing from forward tees on one hole with a a crazy pin to entice going for it, but Making birdie tough.

If you don’t feel you are in it, you can WD and go out and watch the leaders.

Very fun event. TONS of people following final couple groups in carts. Winners win a nice crystal bowl. It’s a heck of an event with a ton of great players.

I’ve seen a two man Ladies Tee Scramble…those can be fun. And quick.