TW... It’s happening


Since his last win in 2013, optimism for the 2013 player of the year gradually turned to despair.

2014 we saw a 79 at Torrey, a WD at Honda due to spasms, and the eventual announcement of back surgery. No Masters. TW came back with hope only to MC at Quicken and the PGA. It was around this time that I first became fully aware of the Tiger haters. Maybe it was twitter providing everybody a voice. Most likely, this was the first time his on course performance gave the haters a loud voice and reasons to rejoice. Bye Foley, enter Como.

2015 was the peak of Tiger mocking. There was the yips and 82 at the Waste Management. The WD after deactivated glutes. A brief flash at the Masters, but then a career high 85 at the memorial. Chambers Bay had memorable embarrassing moments that were painful to see. More mockery. Missed cut at St. Andrews. It was at this point Shipnuck called that Tiger would be nothing more than a ceremonial golfer. The lone sign of hope in 2015 was the Wyndham. September 2015 another back surgery.

2016 no golf until the Hero World Challenge. He played well and there was hope.

2017 quickly got bad with a MC at Torrey then Dubai happened. I remember staying up to watch it and knowing on the walk from the range something was wrong. Another back surgery. No Masters. No Open. Nothing. At this point nearly everybody in golf media was in the retirement band wagon. KVV even suggested he should become a swing coach.

I don’t fault anybody for calling Tiger done. There was plenty of evidence to support it. Who ever had that many back surgeries and had success? There is no added joy for me seeing Tiger win and proving them wrong. However, I will take great joy knowing that all those Tiger haters that mocked him know there time is up. After writing those sentences about 2014-2017 I feel this is one of the best comeback stories in sports history.

I’m a big Tiger fan. I play golf because of Tiger. One day when I was 15 my Dad begged me to watch golf with him. It was Sunday when Tiger won the Masters. It was then that I wanted to play golf. Nearly 21 years later and I love golf. I enjoy watching nearly every tournament. Yet, I can’t recall the last time I was this excited to watch a round of golf. I may not sleep tonight.

Tiger is 1 off the lead on a course he hasn’t played in 20 years. The red and black is coming. API next week. Tiger Is coming down Magnolia Lane off back to back wins.

It’s happening…


Tiger is the only golfer that makes 50 and 60 year old men act like 12 year old girls at a Justin Bieber concert… it’s insane - watch when he sprays a ball left or right and the number of old guys with their cell phones out recording or snapping photos


Ok… so maybe he pulls into Magnolia Lane off an API win. Either way, TW is back bitches.


ninipratt: +1. Shipnuck loves to hate Tiger. Which is strange because the main reason he gets paid to write about golf is probably because of Tiger’s transformation of the game from interesting-only-to middle-aged-white-men-in-pleated-Bermuda-shorts to universal. There are those who can’t let go of Tiger’s questionable behavior off the course. I am not one of them. He and the wife he treated poorly seem to have a civil relationship. He seems to be a good dad. Actually, he’s lucky to be alive. That mug shot last year made obvious that he’d become addicted to pain killers, not all that surprising considering his back. Watching Tiger in his newest incarnation is to watch the Tiger we barely remember. The one who’s a “feel” player. No swing coaches, no B.S. The “stinger” is back. He’s using multiple trajectories. Driving irons off the tee. Incredibly creative short game. Putting to kill for. Watching him play is like watching Mozart write a symphony. Only thing that keeps him from winning many, many more tourneys is health. If I sound like a dork gushing over this guy it’s because he’s pretty much the only GOAT athlete I’ve had the pleasure of watching his entire career. (Well…Jordan, too.) Can’t wait to see how the final chapter plays out.


I got into golf because of my dad and Tiger. I can remember playing little league while golf season was going off in the northeast. My dad would play in his golf league on fridays and I would only talk to him about how he played that night. I was big into baseball and never really played golf. Once I got done with playing baseball I fully switched to golf. Now a 26 year old I am in two leagues and joined my first country club. I am so thankful to my dad and Tiger. The time I knew I loved golf was the 97 masters where I taped it on VCR and would watch it until we switched to a dvd. I am so glad the GOAT is back and I truly hope that he is happy and can take some time to take it all in



The look on Spieth’s face after Tiger hit that tee shot into 17 on Friday, and the look on Sneds’ face after Tiger drained that birdie putt on the 71st said one thing. The sheriff is back in town, and these guys know it.