Trivia Night on Zoom - Signups for June 1st (9pm ET) OPEN!

Settle down. No, it’s not one of Laz’s game shows.

But, we are going to do a live Trivia Night on Zoom, hosted by me, as Laz is going to participate!

One of the categories will always be golf.



As a former Quizmaster with Geeks Who Drink, please let me know if I can be of service in any way.


Gonna probably keep it pretty simple, points and structure-wise, so i think I’ll be fine. If this one goes rough for some reason, I might ask for help for the second go around.

You want to play??

The google sheet isn’t public.

Team 1: @Lazstradamus & @LacksPopCantPutt

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I realized that when I first published. It should be now?

This is the least surprising sentence I’ve ever read!


What are the subjects?

I’ll only play if @ajsHTX can make it work as my teammate. In college we ate a lot of free cheeseburgers from our trivia winnings (possibly too many).


I need a pardner… @LJP whaddya say?

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There will be a variety, with one you can be certain will be golf, though

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Same, haven’t paid for a pizza on Tuesday in as long as I can remember.

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Need a team name from you and Laz @LacksPopCantPutt

Can someone confirm that the sheet is editable now?

@Clarkebar yo let’s partner up for this?

It’s not

How bout now?

I think it is now

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i’ll tune in and drink - hope to learn something and laugh

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I’m on this team, plan to spectate, willing to be on standby list in case someone no call / no shows


Which trivia did y’all go to in Cstat?