Trip to Scottsdale in November

I am headed to Scottsdale for my 30th birthday in November with the wife and I am looking for some good tracks that won’t break the bank. I currently am having to choose between Troon North, TPC Stadium Course and We-Ko-Pa Any recommendations would be appreciated. Also just things to do during the day while in town would be nice. We are there Thursday - Monday.

Talking Stick is fun, not sure how much it costs. Hit up Phil to get on Whisper Rock.

we-ko-pa is great. snooze for breakfast/brunch. skip tpc if money is an issue, its just not worth it.

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I’d add that even if money isn’t an issue…TPC still isn’t worth it. So many better public options.

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Between those three We-ko-pa is the best. Both courses are fun but Saguaro is special. Troon North has conditioning that is offensively good and some amazing views. It’s quite the experience but We-ko-pa is the best design of the three. Pass on TPC. It’s fun but way overpriced. Also, Talking Stick is great. It’s a Coore and Crenshaw design just like We-ko-pa.

There’s lot of good hiking within an hour or so of Scottsdale if you’re in to that kind of thing. Superstition Mountains are pretty fun. You won’t be short on dining/nightlife in Scottsdale either. Postino is a fun wine/bruschetta place. Best breweries nearby are Four Peaks (North Scottsdale or the original is in Tempe by ASU) and OHSO (multiple locations, one in North Scottsdale, one closer to Old Town and another more in Central Phoenix. The location closer to Old Town on 40th St is right off the canal and quite cool.) If you’re looking for a nice dinner Steak 44 is really good and only about 10 minutes from Old Town. Happy to provide more recs if you have something specific you’re looking for.


TPC shouldn’t be in the discussion

Full disclosure - to play the courses you’re considering and getting solid recommendations for on this thread is not going to be “cheap” in November as it’s basically the beginning of the peak season if you will.

Agree on leaving out TPC. I was there this past May. Had heard TPC can be horrendous then so I stayed away. I played both at We-Ko-Pa, both at Troon North, Grayhawk (Talon), Ak-Chin Southern Dunes. All good. In my mind, the favorite (and best value) was Southern Dunes, but it is an hour drive each way. To me it was worth it.

As for things to do, my wife planned those of course. We hit up some good spots for food including Twisted Grove Parlor, Grassroots Kitchen, Roaring Fork (Big Ass burger is great), and Diego Pops.

Not sure where you’re staying, but there are plenty of bars in Old Town. Any are good. I will say Scapegoat had decent beer and wine selections.

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Oh I completely understand that its peak season, but everything I have heard has been really helpful. I don’t mind spending up to $200 for a round if its worth it. I am glad I asked because TPC is around $250 and everyone is telling me to stay way.

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Agree with others that recommend We-Ko-Pa and Troon North. TPC is fine, but expensive. Cowboy Ciao is a great casual spot for dinner in Old Scottsdale that won’t break the bank.

Then your expectations are appropriate - and if you’re okay with not having a rigid schedule, you’ll be able to pull off decent deals through golf now or other sites as a single or pair. Super jealous of the trip, enjoy!

If you want to make a little drive south to Chandler, Whirlwind is a very nice course and I think it’s around your $200 price range. Very desert feel and it really feels like you’re not by any big city.

As for things to do, not sure when you’re coming but ASU has a couple home games in November for football and basketball. A lot of the casinos are fun to go to as well.

Quintero is out in the middle of nowhere but stunning track in my opinion! Best conditions I’ve ever seen. Theres also a nice public shooting range on the way if your into that sort of thing.


Camelback Ambiente is a decent course that won’t break bank. I don’t think it’s the most difficult but I like it for value and you can usually find a good deal through one of the tee time apps.

Agree on TPC not being worth the price. If stadium seats are up on 16th maybe. I can’t remember a memorable shot on the front.

+1 for old town. The Yard/Culinary Dropout. I think it’s off 7th st…good drinks, cool outdoor area with a ton of games to play.

Talking Stick next to TopGolf.

Possibly an unpopular opinion but if you can get a decent twilight tee time at TPC I think it is actually worth it. About $150 if I remember correctly and the back 9 is actually fun (agree that the front is a snooze).

Talking Stick is fine but not worth the price tag in my opinion.

I will be staying at the Fairmont on TPC end of November for Thanksgiving Weekend, so plan to play TPC as I’ve only got one day to golf but love all the other suggestions here. Hopefully I can get back to Arizona some point next year to take on some of the aforementioned courses. By staying at the Fairmont I got a heavily discounted green fee for the stadium course - $150ish if i recall for a 10am slot.

Looking like I’ll be headed down to Phoenix in January with a buddy, whose brother lives down there. Appreciating this thread.

Any good lower cost suggestions as well. Will probably play a mix of course costs.

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Primo tee time for $150 at the stadium course in peak season when you don’t even have to leave the property definitely makes sense. Highly recommend the follow up trip to hit up some of the other courses being touted.

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ASU Karsten is a decent low-cost option. Makes for a good first round of a trip to warm up.

Verde River is a good course that’s probably a lot cheaper than many options. Far NW but ultimately not too far from either WeKoPa or Troon North, if you’re looking to squeeze in 36. Little talked about course, but one I really enjoy.

I would play the Champions course at TPC before the Stadium Course. Generally half the price and a good course, probably better overall. If you want “the experience” and are willing to pay the price, then the Stadium is fun, but understand you are paying for the back nine. The front nine is entirely forgettable. (On the plus side, the have already started putting up grandstands so if you play in November you will at least get some sense of drama at 16.)

Other options close to Scottsdale include Papago, which is a really good Phoenix muni (reopening with a clubhouse now) and ASU’s home course as they abandon their on-campus course. It’s quite close to the airport, which is a bonus. Also close to the airport is Mountain Shadows, an 18-hole par 3 course, which is a blast. Lots of fun holes with some wild greens and great views at a great resort.

Longbow in Mesa isn’t too far of a trek and is also good and will not break the bank. Love a course with no housing around.

I really like a lot of courses outside of Scottsdale, such as Southern Dunes in Maricopa or courses in the West Valley (Verrado, Estrella) but with the short daylight of November I don’t think it’s worth the drive.