Travelling to Houston - March 26-28 2020

Greetings from the Far North,

My lady and I are going to be in Houston at the end of March (Thu 26th to Sat 28th). Planning on playing:

  • Memorial Park (using the new 30 day advance booking)
  • Gus Wortham
  • 3rd course?
    Have yet to decide which dates/times we are playing

Checking in to see if there are any locals looking to join up for Thu, Fri or Sat rounds. We are mid 30s, 8&16hcp, and we think we’re pretty cool. Also open to suggestions for a 3rd course. Keeping in mind we fly out at 7pm Saturday, would prefer a morning tee time and a course that has a locker room.

You’ll probably have better luck reaching out in here

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