Traveling to Austin - Feb 16 - Where to Play?

I’ve looked through some old threads and it sounds like Falconhead and Wolfdancer are spots I should check out. I’m flying in Saturday night (15th) and want to play 36 on Sunday. Not sure about difficulty getting between those locations.

Anyone have any recommendations? Places to really try to get to? Places to avoid?

Falconhead is my favorite public course in the city so I definitely recommend going there. Wolfdancer is nice, but it’s not that close to the rest of the Austin courses and is also the most expensive. If you’re looking for a 36 hole day, I’d recommend a Falconhead & Grey Rock combo instead.

The other 36 hole combo I would recommend is Avery Ranch & Crystal Falls. Both of those courses are up north, so it just depends what part of town you will be in and how far you want to drive from the airport.


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Not to hijack the threads that were mentioned above, but if you’re trying to play 36 with the current daylight we have you’ll most likely need to play some courses that are close together. If you are going to be on the north side of town, there is Avery Ranch and Crystal Falls like rmaas said, but also Teravista and Star Ranch. A combo of those could be done in one day. Or if muny lyfe is more your style, Jimmy Clay and Roy Kizer both share a property and setup nicely for a 36 hole day. If you need any more recs, let me know.


should hit up Spanish Oaks, it looks decent


this is awesome, thanks. I may do falconhead/grey rock on Sunday and Wolfdancer on Monday morning.

I think the first round on Sunday I may be solo - maybe I’ll throw up an SOS here to see if I can get a group together. Will try to get out there for one of the first times of the morning. Coming from Philly area so a little morning chill is no problem.

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I may be free that Sunday if you are looking for someone to play. Will know more certain the week of.

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bumping this. I’ve got an 8:10 time booked on Monday the 17th at Wolfdancer. I have a bunch of people who I work with that are ‘interested’ but can’t commit. Anyone here interested in meeting up?

Give it a bump in here! I’ve heard good things about Wolfdancer

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I’m in if you have space. I’ll message you.

Wolfdancer is fantastic, but it’s a pretty long haul from the city. I always suggest playing Lions if you can. The course has so much character and is just everything golf should be.

It’s also only a matter of time before its replaced by hot yoga studios, a poke place, and some souless corporate facility. Catch it while you can.

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got one locked in (@chitwood) :+1:

any other takers?

@jtex1013 I could be in for February 16… Wolfdancer?

be aware it is not conducive to walking.

and i’m late to the party but if i’m going to do 36 in a day on a tight daylight trip…Clay/Kizer allllll day. Each course has its own character and one really bad hole. OR MUNY twice. can’t be beat.


17th at Wolfdancer.

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gotcha. anything Sunday?

17 on Kizer, and 18 on Clay?

on Sunday the 16th? OG post said 36 on Sunday.

I’m in if so. can’t do Monday as i play in a regular game that day.

hey sorry for the slow response here.

The round I have booked is Monday the 17th at 810am. Still two spots open for anyone that wants them.