TrapDraw Episode 12


Just listened to this while at work. It is good stuff. I would like to give props to Randy for predicting right before the Memorial that Dechambeau will start bucking his head and make the Ryder Cup team. Good take.


The guys seemed hesitant to give props to Karsten Creek. Not everything needs to be a Coore Crenshaw design.

Karsten has plenty of width, angles, and options. Just because there are trees and pristine conditions doesn’t mean that Fazio didn’t knock this out of the park.


Pretty common reaction.


Great podcast. I definitely agreed that the women’s NCAA’s were more exciting. Men’s individual was good but the match play was kind of a letdown. Very interesting about Karsten having sub-air. How many courses have that system?


Big Randy’s ad reads were incredible. Great to have the big guy going full time.


I think we were very complimentary of it. It looks hard AF.


I had bacon cooking in a skillet during the “Who Stinks” and “Who Might Stink” discussion so I may have confused the various sources of sizzle. Kudos to the TrapDraw for getting out early on the prediction of Greller taking McRib’s bag.

Additionally, I never anticipated Rule 16.1.a would be the impetus for disclosing the very dishonest relationship the NLU gang has propagated with @RaynorMan . Getting too entrenched with the face of “Big Golden Age” was bound to burn you whilst playing on the ancestral home of Davy Crockett, king of the wild frontier, not some coastal elite…


I enjoyed that he made clear during the second ad read that these were not real sponsors. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll be awaiting my email from the Buck Club’s membership director. Maybe they can give you guys a promo code.


Loved the pod - I would love a more in-depth pod about the caddy experience. Find it to be extremely interesting and something I would personally love to experience, so enjoy living through someone who got the chance.


Really enjoyed the pod, nice work fellas. Gotta show some support for fellow Spartan Ryan Brehm though, he’s definitely got some game as he broke through to the big leagues last year but wasn’t able to hold onto his card. Definitely a bomb and gouge type of player, but it has worked for him in the past. Sounds like he’s struggling a bit more this season unfortunately.