Trap Draw: The Gottening! It's Happening!


Enjoyed the podcast, guys. This isn’t a critique, but with everyone carrying separate rants at times, I couldn’t help but be reminded of this Gerald Wallace clip


I like the year of unsubscribing.

I need to unsub from many of the 40-odd podcasts on my feed. Not enough time for that shit


Really enjoyed this. Interested in joining @djpie & @TheMerchCzar in reading a book a month.


@djpie’s spoken and unspoken stances on unsubscribing and consuming twitter content and the effects it has on mood was the Truth.


Tron’s 2020 goal of making the Mid-Am, love it. Need a series documenting his road to the Mid-Am


All in on the year of TD!


I was inspired to do some unsubscribing myself. NLU and Fried Egg are enough for me. Im looking forward to some great content in 2019 and beyond.



I wonder what the golf goal is that Soly hinted at. It sounds like there’s gonna be some #content around it, anybody have a guess as to what it is?

My guess would be a hard push towards qualifying for a big event. I would say it would have to be an Am event…


Making the pro-am circuit


I don’t remember where I heard this but I think he mentioned he wants to try US Open Local qualifying. Quite the goal for someone who admits he’s afraid to go low. Gonna have to have to face his fear head on.

And love Tron making a 2020 goal for Mid Am. Go crazy and set those goals high. I know we have Refugees here who have done or attempted either of the above so will be interesting to see them have a go at it.


That’s a good guess.


you need to keep up with the golfers journal podcast and the shotgun start both highly recommend


I should have qualified that I do listen to both Trap Draw and Shotgun Start too. I’ll have to check out the golfers journal! I do a lot of driving for work so Podcasts are my personal refuge.


my guess is us open qualifier as he has mentioned it before… i want to know about the lost tape/unreleased podcast. this was a very fun listen.


There was a drumbeat around here for #content purposes in getting Soly to go all Paper Tiger and do something along the lines of Tom Coyne. I imagine it will take the shape of that in some form.

Did DJ really say break par? That would be siiiick


The podcast was up for a bit but was taken down. I listened to about 70% of it, took a break, came back to finish and it was gone. From what I remember it was pretty benign but interesting stuff so either the end went off the rails or there was some details in the beginning that the Tour or whoever probably didn’t want to be discussed (I have no idea, just postulating).


or they were talking about something completely different that I’m unaware of


Did anyone else hear some type of high pitched voice or noise at 51:44, sounds like it says “bum”? Think the gang is trying their hand at subliminal messaging.