Trap Draw: Magnolia State

Excellent episode overall! Frankly, I would listen to an entire episode just so @BunkiePerkins can talk shit about northern Louisiana and Arkansas. I could tell there was some deep-seated resentment towards the hell hole that is Bossier City, and I am all about some Shreveport shit talking.

With that said, I would like to address these accusations from @Tron and @BunkiePerkins that Memphis is “just kind of northern MS extended.” Big ol’ hard stop. I think any Tennessee native will let you know that West Tennessee is a pocket wholly-different from the rest of the state. If that isn’t the case, it’s a FAR stretch from being Mississippi. Before anyone contests this, I present to you my closing remarks:

In Summary

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The only mea culpa that I think should be acknowledged (which I know probably won’t be) is that Louisiana is 4 regions:

  • North - as mentioned in the pod
  • Central - no man’s land as mentioned in the pod
  • Southern - Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles
  • New Orleans - It’s its own region unlike the rest of the state

(Yes, I live in New Orleans)

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Memphis is Memphis. It isn’t TN, ARK or MS…it is its own city-state.

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mea culpa @Tron. Truist is the product of a merger - but SunTrust was acquired by BB&T, not the other way around.


TC regrets the error.


This was a real good tweet


As a resident of the Golden Triangle for many years and a former member at Old Waverly, I thoroughly enjoyed that. Although it was a lot of SEC football talk.

As a current resident of the Atlanta metro area, I was hoping for a Publix vs Kroger type debate.

I was fortunate to see Annandale when i was in Jackson for the chicken classic a few years ago, and it’s one of the few Nicklaus courses i truly enjoyed. It’s not terribly demanding off the tee, and has a few really cool approach shots. Plus a sick clubhouse/logo

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