Trap Draw: Formula 1

The Perfect Club for Drive to Survive is out, interested to hear everyone’s thoughts. They touch on Ford vs Ferrari at the start, although mainly F1 adjacent, the movie misses a bit of the story but James May does a great segment in The Grand Tour on it.

Also for the travel/shipping logistics @MerchCzar


Also what happens when F1 races at Indianapolis


Just finished it.

They pretty much nailed it with how this series is a great way to introduce people to the sport. They could have easily did a 4hr podcast on this as there is so much to unpack in the series and so much they don’t even touch on.

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I’m sure they’ll be a lot more discussion in the F1 thread.

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For sure. Too bad we don’t have any racing to watch to give people a chance to get into. I find F1 is definitely a sport it’s helpful to have somewhere to ask questions to help you understand what’s going on when starting out. Reddit helped me a lot when I started watching

They could have used someone in the know to help them out, throughout.

Discussing movies, @MerchCzar never quite hit on the F1 movie, which was Rush.

Driven was CART.


As a massive Motorsports fan, F1 is dogshit compared to NASCAR, IndyCar, Outlaws, etc, and I like Formula One a lot but the product has been awful the past couple years, and all the new tracks are crap as well. I love the boys and tried to listen to it, but hearing them say Baku is an awesome track got me burst out laughing.

Awesome just finished season two like an hour ago

Yeah, not necessarily the fault of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. But it did lead to the demise of the Grand Prix there, which is too bad for someone who lives in Indianapolis.

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Cause it is ducks


I wouldn’t say the product has been awful, yeah it definitely sucks that 1 team has been dominant the last 5 years but there are always other stories to follow. 2018 was really close most of the season until the Ferraris decided to sandwich Max at Singapore and last year, Germany pretty much made up for the rest of the season. Also Vettel in Canada.

Baku, technically might not be the best track, most street circuits aren’t. But the castle section is great and it has produced some of the best races the last few years


The first year at Baku was kind of crap but every race since has probably been in the top 3 of each season

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Agreed. Is it Spa, Silverstone, Monza, etc? No.

Is it the best street circuit on the calendar? I think so.

Also, the Formula 1.5 championship in the middle of the pack was really good the last couple of years! And that is what Drive to Survive is really adding depth to, too


IMO Baku has been interesting only due to the madness that has happened like with the Force Indias and Red Bulls. There are much worse circuits though. Since I got back into F1 in 2013, the best seasons were 2014 and 2016 . 2018 was good until Vettel and Ferrari botched the season (easily the best chance Ferrari had in years of winning the world title)

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For sure. In terms of street circuits, Monaco just has the history at this point. It sucks for current cars. Singapore just looks cool under the lights. Baku just produces great races. Was a shame Haas fell off last season and wasn’t really in the midfield fight

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Yeah definitely, it isn’t really a technical track. But I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it produces so much chaos. Also don’t forget Vettel turning into Hamilton after getting brake checked

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I totally forgot about that. That was the same year Danny and Max got together I believe

Feels like the right time to post this haha

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They definitely would’ve been helpful.

I’m not sure how many Aston Martin purists are in the Refuge, but I can imagine some of them lost their shit when Neil called it “Austin Martin” :joy::joy::joy:


I guess my point was, let’s go over to that thread, as this was inevitably going to drift away from the podcast and right in to F1 talk.