Trap Draw - Episode 20: Neil Schuster a.k.a. The Merch Czar

How excited is everyone to watch Neil get punched in the face? It’s going to be great.

Whoa, whoa. I mean, it’s for charity. I am not some sadist. Sheesh, guys. :slight_smile:

If you have not yet listened, do yourself a favor and do it today. A lot of good laughs in the podcast, and always refreshing to hear people reveal stuff about their personal lives in a sincere manner.


big ups to the @MerchCzar for keeping the boys in check on GCA talk


I like these occasional ‘behind the scenes’ pods

It’s given me a little inspiration for my fledgling business venture

The Opus Dei convo was great!


The episode isn’t working for me.
Are you guys using podcast or something else?

I just have it set to automatically download on my iPhone. I never have an issue. Hope you were able to get it to work.

I also know and throughly enjoy golfing with a “Joe, you don’t deserve to play this game, you are SOO bad!” guy. It’s some of the funniest self deprecating stuff I’ve ever heard. I suggest everone find that one friend and treasure him.

Great job on the Trap Draws this year @Randy and @Tron


I was cracking up during that part.

Hope @MerchCzar is training well, and getting ready for the bout. When details of #HaymakersForHope are released I urge you to support Neil and #GetInvolved.

Just donated to @MerchCzar Link for others who may be interested.

Neil’s bout is approaching. No doubt he is deep in the process. If you’ve not donated yet, support Neil and #GetInvolved. :facepunch:t2:

Over/under he makes it passed the first round facing this guy.

I mean, we know Neil was a D1 athlete (don’t think he’s ever mentioned that /s), but this dude looks like he eats Google Ad Team Members for breakfast.


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I think you found Kimbo Slice’s half-brother…

Today’s the big day.

Best of luck Neil - we’re all pulling for you!


@MerchCzar dominated that fight. Other dude was nothing but glamour muscles with slow hands.


We have a new hero in our midst

Neil dominated some dude from the Amazon. Almost had a TKO in the 3rd round as well. Good for the brand.

One big Cheers! to Neil. That was mightily impressive!

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Neil just cooked this dude. Too bad his Instagram shots didn’t convert to better stamina.

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