Trap Draw, Episode 14: George Peper - Liner Notes



I enjoyed listening to the new Trap Draw episode with George Peper and wanted to check out his suggestions from your reading list question. I happened to be sitting at my computer while I was listening today so it was relatively easy to look them up. Usually I’m driving or walking the dog when I listen to podcasts though, so I find it really helpful when the episode notes include links to things that were mentioned.

Just a suggestion, keep up the great content.

For anyone interested, here’s the stuff George mentioned he was reading:
“Bad Lies” by Tony Jacklin
“A Course Called Scotland” Tom Coyne
“Prince of Tides” by Pat Conroy

He also recommended “Practical Golf” by John Jacobs.

As far as golf writers he enjoys, he mentioned:
Bernard Darwin
Tom Coyne
Jamie Diaz


Awesome! Thanks for putting this together, 4Putt


I was waiting for you to drop, “You know, George, I am a writer, too. Tom and I write for the same publication. You may have heard of it, Golfer’s Journal.”


LOL. So good.