TPC Sawgrass...What Should I Know??

Ok fellas and ladies, I’m going to be in Ponte Vedra this coming weekend, and, for the low low price of $550(!!) I have decided to pop my players stadium course cherry on Sunday morning.

Has anybody here played it? Thoughts, tips, likes, dislikes?? I’ve heard there is an island green…

Despite the cost of a single round being the per capita GDP for a third world country, looking forward to it after seeing it on TV for so many years. Have heard it is difficult.

Any other good tracks in the area? Obviously not far from Jax Beach.

Have played it maybe 8-10x. It’s been in better shape over past few years. Used to be borderline goat track at times but that was a few years ago. The front nine is a little tough. I always found the back 9 to be pretty easy. #11 fairway is huge. New #12 is (cough) ok. #14 is fun as hell. #16-17-18 are all awesome and fun. In sawgrass village outside the course, you can hit metro diner for the Pittsburgh Steak Salad (just order it. It’s ridiculous). Nona Blue is ok.

If you want to stay on property, I’d consider dyes valley (it’s maybe more fun that stadium course). Jax Beach is 5-10 min up the road. If you belong at a club and can work a deal to get on at Atlantic Beach CC, I’d recommend that. Fun as hell to play.

Hope this helps.

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I walked and had a pretty solid caddie - Fred I think his name was… There were a couple guys who looked to be fresh out of school looping for the other guys in the group who def had their sh*t together too (sorry wish I remembered their names, but we had a fun group that helped make it memorable).

16-17-18 are obviously what you’re paying for, but I loved what they did w/ 12…

Have fun.

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TPC is a blast. Not somewhere I would play everyday, but it was fun nonetheless. If you’re a ranger rick, you HAVE to get there early, some of the best practice facilities I’ve ever seen.

Tips: Keep it in the fairway, not a place to bomb and gauge your way around. I hit 6 drivers and that includes trying to drive the green on #12 :wink: Enjoy the carnage! You will at some point be mega-ejected if you miss a shot, just laugh and take it in stride. (Happened to me on #4)


Thanks that is super helpful. Surprised to hear about poor conditioning a few years back. I have reasonably high expectations for conditioning for this weekend given the Players is in a month and a half.

Glad you mentioned Dyes Valley I’m going to play there as well on Saturday. Pete Dye courses usually eat my lunch though.

Thanks, how is it as a walking course? I always prefer to walk but this time around as a single I’m sure I’ll get paired and if the other guys want to cart it around I may have to go that route.

Awesome…if they aren’t expecting me to wear their range out pre-round they are sadly mistaken.

Man, $550 for this time of the year is shocking to me. Haven’t been out there since July, but I want to warn you about the greens. From what I’ve heard from some pros in the area, they’re playing almost anywhere else in the area because of the poor condition of the greens. I certainly hope this is not the case for you. I would have thought they would have lowered prices in his winter season because of the greens. I know this year is tough for them as they’re trying to get the course to peak in March and not May. Again, I haven’t seen it, but please manage the expectations! From pics I’ve seen, the course is very very green as they have overseeded the crap out of it. I hope it’s great for you.

Jax Beach is $17 to walk during the week and has almost perfectly true greens if you end up frustrated by it.

*to clarify on the price - I’m a firm believer in, once you’ve paid it, go out and enjoy the golf course and do not try to justify the price. It will never meet your expectation in that regard. Once it’s paid, the money is gone, and go enjoy it as if you paid $20 for it. If it’s a course you know you wanted to play at least once in your life, it does not matter what you paid for it.


Agree with other comment to get to the range early. Practice facility is super nice. Good luck and have fun getting ejected on a few holes!

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Find a great caddy. Played Dye Valley twice and TPC with my dad a few years back we had the same loop all 3 rounds. Guy was hilarious and really knew the course. Every yardage and line on the greens was perfect. Probably saved me 10 strokes on the greens alone.

Hope the conditions are better than what Soly has described because the course is really fun to play. It’s even better to watch the tournament having played the course and knowing what the greens are really like.

Easy. They ferry you to the back nine as well.

I always hesitate for a bit walking w/ a caddie when other guys are riding, but ultimately it’s your time and money. I get uptight about people driving the cart right up my ass (pet peeve, but no one has a clue where to park them and I’d rather not judge the rando I’m stuck with and let it ruin my perception of the day). Plus the caddies always have A+ stories.

I played a GAP match (inter club competition in the area among clubs) at a very nice/well known club outside Philly and one of the guys had us in stitches and hanging on every word. The guys who were members weren’t pleased we won and had that much fun. At one point on the back nine one of the guys accused the caddie of pulling for the wrong side.

Anyway, to Sawgrass, I think it’s always cart path only so you’ll end up pacing the group.

Strongly recommend taking a caddie and walking.

We took carts and a forecaddie and I’ve regretted it ever since. It will be cart paths only and the paths are well hidden behind mounds off to the side of each fairway, so you’ll see nothing of the course driving up and down the cart paths which takes away from the experience.

Also pencil in some extra time to nose around the clubhouse and have some food on the veranda overlooking 18 green - great part of the day.

$550 for a game of golf bends my mind in all different ways.


I’m with you Soly, in terms of rationalizing the price. I’ve already spent the cash to secure the tee time, so just going to enjoy it now. It’s one of those tracks that must be played at least once, and this will be my at least once!

It is crazy to compare prices though. So I could play Jax Beach 30 times in a row and still spend less than this one round at Sawgrass.

Good heads up on cart path only. That sucks. Definitely going to walk now.

Sad postscript to this as I was due to play this morning. 4 days ago the weather forecast for today was sunny with a 0% chance of rain. Perfection. Yesterday, the forecast was for an overcast morning and chance of PM rain. Not ideal, but my morning tee time would keep me in a good place. Well my friends, as we all know sometimes the weatherman is really bad at their job because upon my alarm going off at 6am and me jumping out of bed ready to set the course record at the Stadium Course at Sawgrass, I was dumbfounded by a strange sound. Yes, the sound of rain drops, large rain drops, and something that sounded like the ocean but that was actually a 20mph wind. Rained all day and I ended up not playing. If I had brought my full rain suit I might have tried it. Bummer. (note, always pack rain gear even when weather forecast looks heavenly)

I did play the other course on property yesterday. It was ok, typical Pete Dye tricks coupled with the Florida golf course plague that is too many water hazards. But the practice facilities at Sawgrass were as advertised, really good stuff.

Sorry to hear that. Did you pay in advance, and if so, did you get a refund?

I did get a refund which I was pleasantly surprised with. That greens fee combined with the walking caddie fee and tip I was prepared to make and that rainstorm saved me over 700 bucks! Still would have rather played it.

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Aye, as someone said above, once you’ve committed the cash the number is irrelevant. Hope you manage to get there someday.

That sucks that you didn’t get to play. I always enjoy getting my ass kicked there. Hopefully you’ll be able to get back and play one day.