TPC San Antonio--Played the Oaks yesterday

I’m in San Antonio in late February/early March. Which of the two TPC courses should i play twice ----or should I play them both once?

umm are you gonna be at this:


If you can play both, play both. Very different courses, both worth your time. Expect Canyons to be a stern test.

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Me and my friends at AT&T encourage everyone to play both the AT&T Oaks and AT&T Canyons when they have the opportunity. And remember, please don’t drive distracted. It can wait.


I wish. I’m arriving the next week.

In the early March you’re going to find that The Oaks course is in amazing shape and will look similar to its final form for the April tournament. The greens, fairways and rough have all been overseeded and will be far greener than a course should look at that time of the year for this area. Most of the stands will be in place and an army of logistics people will keep making progress throughout the day.

If you can embrace the difficulty of the course, I’d recommend two rounds on The Oaks.

I really like The Canyons. Since its a Pete Dye design I like to use it as a match play course. It’s a more interesting piece of the property so there’s elevation changes and a few more risk-vs-reward opportunities. The course will be in good shape but will look materially different since it has not received as much overseed and the bermuda will just be waking up.

Have the pork chop from 18 Oaks at least once.



I’ve been many times in late February and really enjoy both courses. The oaks is a better course, but the canyons has more dramatic elevation changes. The oaks is the more challenging of the two and if you’re struggling with your game, you’ll have a lot more fun on canyons. They run a lot of tournaments out there and one of the courses is often closed all day to guest play, so you may not even have a choice depending upon which day you play. If you book far ahead you may even get bumped to the other course due to a tournament being set up after you book.

One course is designated for member play. It generally rotates daily. @drv4show if you have specific dates that you’re looking at I can tell you what the resort course assignment is.

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Playing the Oaks Friday afternoon----looking forward to it.

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Prepare to get your d*ck kicked in if the wind is up


Had a decent round at the Oaks yesterday. 41-36 from their blue tees. My only double came on the first par 3 which was playing 210 over water. While we waited for the green to clear a marshall rode up and told us we were playing the wrong tees…even Jordan Speith would not play from back there??? Then he proceeded to MOVE THE TEE MARKERS while we were on the tee. Not a good scene.

I liked the course—looking forward to seeing the Valero now.

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They’ve been placing the blues on the very back box behind the cart path which is over 200 yards like you said. That’s 30-40 yards longer than the pros will be playing the hole. Its only because so much of the tee space is blocked off for the tournament.

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Played the course on the 28th with the TX Golf Association. Teed off at Noon. Didn’t play nearly as well as you did. Found way too many bunkers. Fun course, very challenging. YMMV

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